Would You Like To Travel Without Knowing The Destination?

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Since 2015 it is possible to make these surprise weekend trips withWaynaboxand they have more and more departure airports. Initially, these trips left from Barcelona and Madrid, now they have new airports such as Paris, Lisbon, Porto and the recent incorporation of Alicante.

It is a product that first focused on young people looking for new experiences, hence its name, “wayna” means young in Quechua. But as the quality of the product is very good and the idea is very original, it is opening up to all types of markets regardless of age.

Waynaboxseeks to create emotions surprise and adventure, since it leaves you with the doubt of which destination you will go to up to 48 hours before flying, so you will not know whether to put your swimsuit or coat in your suitcase until 2 days before your trip. When they tell you the destination, they attach a travel guide of “wayner tricks” with secret places, places to eat and with the basic guidelines to get to the hotel and the important places in the most economical way.

Each destination works with accommodation-only hotels but discounts for breakfast are attached, these hotels have a minimum score of 3.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor.

YourWaynaboxtrips guarantee a minimum of 48 hours at the destination, with departures Friday morning and return on Sunday afternoon or Saturday morning and return on Monday afternoon.

Will you like to travel without knowing the destination? As you will love the experience and want to try it again, you can get discounts for your next purchase if you share your trip on social networks and fill out the satisfaction survey when you return from your adventure.

Can you travel with children with Waynabox?

If you travel with children under 2 years old there will be no additional charge. Children over that age will pay the full price just like the adult, hopefully soon they can improve family trips to leave somewhat cheaper. But we encourage all parents with babies under 2 years old to take advantage and enjoy theWaynaboxexperience with baby.

Can you travel alone?

Yes, it is already possible to travel alone withWaynaboxand with your individual hotel room paying a supplement of $ 50.

How much is the plane and hotel package for a weekend with Waynabox?

The base price is $ 150, some departure airports have a supplement of $ 50 as well as traveling alone also has an added cost of $ 50. If you want to limit the times of departures or arrivals you will also have to pay a supplement of $ 10.

Do you dare to enjoy with Waynabox and travel without knowing the destination?

When you buy yourWaynaboxyou can discard the places in Europe that you do not want to travel to if you have already visited them and do not want to return.

Waynaboxis also ideal to give to family, friends or your partner. A perfect gift to keep the excitement and surprise until the last minute.

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