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There are many advantages of reading aloud to children. It mainly improves language development and your ability to create mental images, but also your expressive skills and understanding of words. However, there are also a number of emotional benefits, and those that are talked about less frequently. It is a custom that should not be lost when they already know how to read, because they are moments shared as a family that unite around one of the best habits that can be cultivated.

Everyone knows the importance of promoting the love of reading in children since they are very young. Reading aloud to them is a great tool to get them started when they are not yet able to do it on their own, and it also has many advantages. If there is an extra motivation, such as that provided by personalized books , the results will be very rewarding when you see the sparkle in their eyes as they feel they are the protagonists of the story. Undoubtedly, at these ages, the best are the personalized stories with photos offered by the company In The Book .

The power of personalized books to read aloud

The books that are read as children, those that were read with love by parents or grandparents, those always remain in the memory. Learning to read is just as important as having a good experience with reading from childhood so that this habit is established for life. In memory, already as adults, sweet memories of adventures narrated with the voice of loved ones will come.

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There are several reasons why you should choose personalized In The Book books out of all the ones on the market.

Why In The Book?

In the first place, they manage to bring the little ones closer to the world around them through simple stories that they can easily understand. With the child’s name on the cover, in the illustrations, with his photo, suddenly, an ordinary book becomes an indelible memory, something non-transferable and unique by making the child the true protagonist of the story.

Secondly, it is a company committed to the environment , which is why its books are made with ecological paper and approved by the FSC.

Thirdly, they have a wide selection of stories to hit sure according to the tastes and interests of each child. In this sense, there are personalized books of their favorite characters, such as Paw Patrol or Blaze and the Monster Machines, dinosaurs, mermaids or unicorns, pirates… Among their titles, they stand out for reading aloud “The adventure of the unicorn” and “The Perfect Dinosaur”

Benefits of reading aloud

The benefits of reading aloud  on an educational level are undeniable, but the benefits it brings on an emotional level are also noteworthy , both for those who listen and for those who read. This article will list some of the most notable, with the hope that the population becomes more aware every day that this activity must be internalized from the family and home.

affective ties

The activity of reading aloud will lead to spending quality time with the family, with great positive effects, both in the educational development of young people and in the creation of family ties between children and adults.

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It is a social activity that gives meaning to the text through intonation, pronunciation, rhythm, fluency, volume… allowing listeners to let their imagination run wild , as well as express their emotions and feelings .

It is for this reason that it is a fundamental activity that should be started in childhood, but without leaving it aside with the excuse that they already know how to read. Adolescence is still a stage of great importance to have these shared moments.

Stimulation of the mind and memory of the little ones

Children, from an early age, thanks to reading, are training in the retention of concepts , the names of the characters, in following the plot, which makes them exercise their memory . On the other hand, the imagination is strongly stimulated, especially with the personalized stories mentioned above.

Other capacities that are strengthened are observation, understanding, concentration, listening and attention.

Knowledge and development of critical thinking

It goes without saying that books are great treasures, wells of knowledge that must be explored in order to grow every day. With reading aloud, children acquire a better understanding of the world around them , favoring critical thinking , gradually forming their own opinion of things, learning and understanding new words, improving their command of the language and its expressive skills.

awaken the love of books

Reading aloud to children fulfills such an important function as fostering a positive attitude towards books and reading, values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will accompany them until adulthood and that will be transmitted from generation to generation.

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