Which childcare equipment to choose to travel with babies?

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When we become parents, we wonder how we will find our way among the multitudes of strollers, baby carriers, and other equipment of all kinds… STOOOOP!!!! Do not panic. You just need to determine your needs (without creating unnecessary ones even if it is difficult to know in advance!). If you are nomadic parents, here is our nomadic childcare equipment practical because too often our equipment is too much at home but not ideal for travel: too heavy, too cumbersome, … So to travel light and serene, here are some investments to plan for if you plan to become parent-travelers!!

Which childcare equipment to choose to travel with babies?

Which baby carrier to choose?

This is a question that comes up very very frequently in our group of parent-travelers. The baby carrier is essential childcare equipment when a baby arrives. It allows you to keep the baby close to you and to have your hands free to do other things at the same time! Ideal and I would also say essential for family travel.

But I admit that it is difficult to navigate among all the models. Here is some information to help you in your choice:

  • For infants, it is preferable to opt for a sling. The position is more adapted to its morphology
  • If you prefer the classic baby carrier for more ease, be careful not to put it in too long.
  • When a baby is seated, you can switch to the baby carrier which is positioned in the back.

What you need to know is that baby’s comfort comes first. For a baby to be as comfortable as possible, you must opt ​​for a physiological baby carrier. That is to say, that baby will have a suitable position that respects his body. You should know that the physiological position is very close to the one he had in his mother’s womb, so this reassures him in addition to being comfortably settled.

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