Vietnam With Children, An Ideal Destination Also With The Family

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The wonders thatVietnamhides are open to all, it is a very safe country that does not offer any problem for the visit to be made with children. The little ones will enjoy the natural landscapes it offers and the abandoned palaces and citadels. And if the little one is still a baby, there will be no problems either. Vietnam provides everything you need for the family to have a great time.

Vietnam is, without a doubt, one of those destinations full of mystery and exoticism that is worth visiting. The routes through the mountains that leave you breathless, the paradisiacal beaches of postcards, the gigantic fields of rice cultivation … But, also, its mystical and surprising spaces, its fascinating geology, its imperial cities, its ancestral monuments, its friendly and attentive people and its excellent gastronomy are just some of the values that make Vietnam a country to fall deeply in love with. It is one of those countries where itis not strange to see entire families, with children enjoying as much or more than parents such fascinating and magical places. So don’t think twice, if you have your little one wanting to see the world, you are all going to love this country. But first, some suggestions.

Requirements to enter Vietnam

To enter Vietnam with children it will be sufficient to contain the passport in order for a valid period of six months. This is a requirement for all family members, regardless of age. However, if the stay is going to be extended for aperiod of time longer than 15 days, it will be necessary to obtain the Vietnam Visathat can be processed online for only 49.95 euros per traveler. To be properly informed about everything there is to know about this document, on the page you will find everything there is to know in this regard.

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Among all the possible visas (business, work, student, journalist …), if you want tovisit this country for pure pleasure, as a tourist, it will be the Tourist Visathat will have to be requested. With this permit, which can be processed digitally 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the time spent in this country is extended up to one month and will be valid for a single entry.

Other recommendations are to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B and typhoid fever, but there is no obligation. It is also good to keep in mind not to drink more than bottled water, avoid ice in drinks and contact with stray animals, especially monkeys. Finally, it does not hurt to carry some powerful mosquito repellent.

What not to miss about Vietnam with children?

It is very likely that on the trip to Vietnam with children you need more time than you have reserved to enjoy it in all its essence. It is practically impossible to get to know him in 15 days or a month, which is the time you usually have on vacation. In any case, these are the places where parents and children will be able to discover the best spaces and corners of this fabulous country.

Ha-Long Bay

To the north of Vietnam is located one of the most spectacular corners, not only of this country but of the whole world. This paradisiacal space was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. The best way to enjoy this natural corner and its gigantic and strange rock formations is with a cruise in one of the many floating hotels that are offered and spend one or two nights sailing.

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The little ones will not be able to avoid seeing the indefatigable Goku from the anime series Dragon Ball fly over this fantastic place. The legends will accompany his imagination because he tells that the formations were created by a mythical dragon that came down from the skies spitting the precious jewels that would be transformed into these rocky mountains.

Mi-Sön Shrine

Also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, these ruins are aclassic representations of the architecture and religiosity of what was the Champa civilization, one of the most important Hindu kingdoms in all of Southeast Asia.

The city of Hoy An

To get to know the true culture and idiosyncrasies of the Vietnamese people, the fishing village of Hoy An is perfect. It is a charming space, with friendly and smiling people, with spectacular gastronomy and an unparalleled history, since it was part of one of the ports that connected Europe and Asia in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The monuments of Huê

In the center of Vietnam is located a city designed according to the traditions of the placeas an imperial city, but with clear European influences. It was the first political, cultural and religious center from the unification of Vietnam in 1802 until 1945. All this environment is spectacular with the river of Perfumes meandering through the city, with spaces as remarkable as the Forbidden Purple City, the Imperial City and the Inner City.

Other places that must be discovered in Vietnam if the available time allows it are the Cuchi tunnels of the war with the United States, the huge Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the Phong Nha-ké Bàng National Parkor the spectacular white, gold and red dunes of Mui Ne.

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