Traveling By Ferry With Children In Europe

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Have you ever thought about traveling on a ferry with your kids? Is it a good option? Will they like it? What will the experience be like? We are going to reveal everything about traveling by ferry with children or babies in Europe. Because it is an experience to enjoy with the family that is very enjoyable and we are going to show you.

Why travel by ferry with children in Europe?

There is nothing better than animating a trip with a cool transport, of those that children remember when they are already back home. Traveling by plane is something that all children love, and traveling by train also excites them.

But. Traveling by car? Traveling by car may be the most boring and least exciting, spending hours saying the typical phrase. “Have we arrived yet?” .

And if we put excitement to the trip and add to your trip by car . travel by ferry? What child doesn’t find it exciting to ride a boat? Can you imagine yourself on a huge ship and spending the night in one of its cabins? Read!

And did you know that on ferries you can also board your own car? So in arriving at the destination you can design your own route without depending on excursions or public transport and carrying all the luggage you want.

Because traveling by ferry with children can be very fun, walk through its corridors, walk on the deck, play in its games rooms, bathe in the pool ofthe Grimaldi ferries, look out the window of the cabin and even live the experience of sleeping a night on a boat. It will be a super exciting experience! 

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Tips for traveling by ferry with children

  • If it is a night trip book a cabin.
  • Embark your own car, you will travel more comfortably and you can take all the equipment you need.
  • Leave your bags in the car. Prepare a bag with what you will need that day or night and the food. The less loaded with luggage trips the more comfortable you will be.
  • We recommend bringing something to eat and a fridge with water and drinks. There are restaurants but the food is not usually cheap and the variety is justita.
  • Bring some entertainment for the kids.
  • Wearing a jacket on the deck of the boat can be cold and even the air conditioning can be somewhat annoying.
  • It is important to bring biodramine for motion sickness. In pharmacies you can buy biodramina for children. Normally you do not notice much movement in these large ferries but you can have the bad luck that the sea is moved and causes dizziness.
  • If you travel in summer season it is possible that the ferry has a swimming pool, if so do not forget the swimsuits, flip-flops and towel.
  • Go wanting to enjoy the family experience.

Tips for traveling by ferry with babies

The same as those cited above in tips for traveling by ferry with children, but we add:

  • It is very useful to carry the baby in a baby carrier or carrying backpack. On the boat there are stairs and the elevators are usually busy and more for the time of disembarkation.
  • If you have a light baby stroller that occupies little it can also be very useful for naps and walking the aisles or deck. But we advise it if the stroller is easy to fold and weighs little since you may have to fold it and climb it up the stairs. We recommend theyoya cart from aliexpress, the copy of the yo-yo from babyzen.
  • Biodramine is advisable for babies from 2 years old, not before.
  • In cabins and in common places you will find plugs, so a bottle warmer can be useful. In the restaurant rooms you will find mircroondas to heat food.
  • Don’t forget to bring diapers and everything your baby will need.
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