Travel toys for babies: The Best Travel Toys for your Kids

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Traveling with children can be stressful especially if it involves long waits at airports or long car journeys. As a mom of four, I’ve found that with a little preparation, you can have a stress-free trip… well, almost! All of my children, from a very young age, have their backpacks in which I will put several things to keep them occupied and they will also bring their favorite toys.

Most of these items don’t involve technology, with the best way to keep kids busy often being the easiest.


mobile This portable mobile, very light, is ideal for babies who travel. The Vtech 4-in-1 Mobilo-clip easily attaches to most beds, strollers and prams. It spins gently to music and also has variations of lights to soothe your baby when away from home. Set the timer and it will turn off automatically. From birth $28.90



Keep the kids busy, with the added bonus of no mess, with this Tomy Red Aquadoodle Carry Case. Simply fill the Aquadoodle pen with water and watch the drawings magically appear. When the water dries, the drawings disappear and you can start over. From 18 months. $16.99

1 - Aquadoodle


Children love to have stories read to them. Manny and his tools is a favorite and this new book has the magnetic characters to imagine adventures with Manny and his friends. $15.50. Babies will love pressing the buttons on My Music Book from Usborne Publishing $16.95

livre 1

Travel Train

My kids love train games and this new version of Brio comes with a suitcase. All you have to do is open the case and push the wagons onto the tracks. To take everywhere. My first travel train $35

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Creations in motion!

Play-Doh is always a winner. This Play-Doh backpack is perfect for fun on the go. Contains colored modeling clay, tools, markers and a coloring book. $17.99. Or try Playfoam, a non-drying playfoam. The Playfoam is gone ! comes in a small case and includes 8 colors of foam, each of which stays neat and tidy in a single compartment. About $20

play doh


Cards These Usborne cards are perfect for kids on the go. 50 cards with 100 very simple games to keep children busy, including drawings, riddles or things to find in the car or looking out the window. Supplied with a special marker for writing on the cards. 100 easy games for travel $9.50

Playmobil travel box

My children love Playmobil and you will find this box particularly good for keeping them occupied during trips but also on your vacation spot. Playmobil Transportable Hospital  $65.


Educational games

Add an educational touch to your travel games with this ideal model for learning to read. From 3 years. Magnetibook Alphabet $15.09.

letters fr


Playing a card game helps pass the hours while traveling and is great fun too. We love the UNO. It’s easy and totally addicting. From 2 to 10 players $7.50


Top Trumps

Top Trumps is ideal for all journeys. There are hundreds of choices available for everyone, from Paw Patrol to Star Wars, Harry Potter or football. Top Trumps $7



Bananagrams is the perfect travel game since it requires no pencil, paper or board. All you need is a flat surface. Great for family play and also helps with vocabulary and spelling. Starting from 7 years old. Bananagrams $20 approx.

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banana 2

Sticker Books Sticker

books are just perfect for keeping kids busy anywhere. Peppa and George dress up $5.95 will appeal to the youngest. While the older ones will like the one with the dinosaurs $6.50

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