Travel theme baby shower: 25 ideas for boys

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The choice of a theme is very important for the organization of a baby boy shower. It will be the common thread of the atmosphere and the decoration.

You’ve been wanting to organize a baby (or post-natal) party for the arrival of your future baby boy for a long time (congratulations, by the way 😚).

So you are thinking! A few ideas are running through your head, but you still don’t know which theme to choose? You survey all the sites devoted to the baby shower, but you can’t find what you’re looking for!

Why are you so hesitant? Because you know you won’t have another opportunity to celebrate the arrival of this little one, so you want everything to be perfect! No stress, today I will help you find THE PERFECT THEME FOR YOU! Let’s go for the latest trends for a boy’s baby shower.

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In this article, you will discover the 25 best themes for a baby shower boy.

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Table of Contents

1 – Boy’s baby shower: blue, a classic for little boys 😉

Baby shower garçon

source : Pampers

If you want a very simple decoration, choose a traditional theme with blue, green or gray colors. The ideal is to use the same colors of the room of the future baby (just to keep some decorations and recycle them 😉).

Baby shower decoration level, put on a pretty sweet table by integrating products intended for babies such as rubber ducks, pacifiers, small stuffed animals or baby books. You can then use them to amuse baby or decorate his room.

2 – Boy’s mustache-themed baby shower: long live the mustaches with their month of November!

Fête prénatale sur le thème moustache

source : Catchmyparty

Organizing a mustache-themed baby shower is daring, but super trendy. This original theme renews the classic baby shower and at the same time brings a vintage touch.

You will find a multitude of items in decoration stores. Indeed, the mustache is still very fashionable! Thanks to the mustaches 😉.

In the kitchen, why not make small biscuits or cakes in the shape of a mustache or even use decorative elements with a mustache sticker or image.

As entertainment, I recommend the essential “ photobooth session” . Does the idea tempt you? So in this case, get yourself a “mustache photobooth kit”, a frame, a hat, a tie or other accessories to take funny photos with the girlfriends 😁.

3 – Super Hero baby shower: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man …

Baby shower Super héros

source : Blovelyevents

Everything is an excuse to pull out your super cape and your glasses (possibly your colored tights) to become a super heroine 🤗.

Imagine a baby shower decoration with “superhero bodysuit” or “Welcome super baby” pennants in the colors of the superheroes: red, black, blue and yellow. Also, don’t forget the “batman”, “superman”, “spiderman” cupcakes, etc.

You can also lead a “superhero photobooth” workshop or a bodysuit customization workshop with superhero motifs! You will find many gift ideas on the Internet with the inscription “Super Mom”.

4 – Boy’s Pirates baby shower: heading to an island my captain!

Fête prénatale sur le thème pirates

source : Beeshower

Imagine yourself in the role of Johnny Depp (Captain Jack Sparrow), with a disguise, a sword, a pirate hat… baby shower time.

Regarding the decoration, let go: install a treasure chest, jewels, gold bars, boats (why not make a boat with a watermelon and put fruits inside), flags with a head of death, sharks … you have the embarrassment of the choice. I strongly advise you to stay in the colors black, red and gold.

Finally, last ideas for the road, organize a great treasure hunt or a “special pirate photobooth”.

5 – Geek baby shower: ideal for all video game fans?

Baby shower thème Mario bros

source : Atozebracelebrations

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Are you a geek? Great ! So bet on a decoration from your favorite game. Pokemon? Mario Bros? Zelda? …

Let’s take the example of the game Super Mario Bros (I take this example, because I admit, I’m a big fan. Indeed, I spent enough hours playing this game to be very, very well versed in the topic 😜 Long live Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Wii 💕).

Imagine a boy’s baby shower around “Super Mario Bros”. So, let’s go for a nice sweet table with “piranha plant” cupcakes, mushrooms, gold chocolate coins or mystery yellow boxes. Also consider buying chocolate lollipops with Mario and Luigi’s mustaches.

You can also liven up the baby shower with a “Super Mario Bros photobooth” using lots of accessories. The ideal is to put posters of Luigi, Mario or the star to create a nice background. To add even more pep to the photos, dig into the table or room decoration.

For this Mario theme, I invite you to choose flashy colors including red, yellow, green, black or blue.

6 – Boy’s baby shower related to your profession (or dad’s) or both: firefighter, policewoman, nurse, sheep farmer…

Fête prénatale sur le thème des pompiers

source : Frogprincepaperie

If you want to organize a “firefighter baby shower”, coordinate decoration with the colors of this profession: red, yellow and black. For example, put flowers in firefighter boots, make flags or red and yellow garlands, prepare cupcakes that you will place in helmets or miniature fire trucks.

You can also put a whole range of toys for the future boy on your birth list. you have to fall for the superb fire truck with its siren 🚒.

The possibilities are endless, all you need is a little imagination.

7 – Cow Boy baby shower (western): let’s go to the wild west and the rodeo!

source : Funholidaycrafts

In order to find a western atmosphere, find objects appropriate to this theme to decorate the table: cacti wrapped in jute, horseshoes, real cowboy boots filled with hay, sunflowers, watering cans with candies and gingham bows…

As in the example in the photo, you can use red, blue and white bandanas or burlap fabric to compose a table top or to dress the walls.

Do you have a rocking horse and a rope handy? Great, prepare a rodeo activity 🐴.

Similarly, you can organize a country dance (tape easy country dance on YouTube and launch into a demo).

8 – Harry Potter boy baby shower: ideal for a little wizard 😉

source : Ourhandcraftedlife

Are you a fan of Harry potter? Great ! So celebrate a boy baby shower on this magical theme!

Why not make a magic wand for each guest? You can also decorate the room so that everyone thinks they are in the Hogwarts room. Watch the series for inspiration!

In terms of decoration, you can, for example, put candles everywhere, magicians’ hats, feathers, pumpkins, vintage keys and retro suitcases…

Liven up the party with a photobooth or a “broom race”. Strange this last idea 🙈? Yes I grant you that, but it can also be very funny. To do this, ask each guest to bring a broom and organize a racing game with the broom between their legs. Laughter guaranteed! Don’t hesitate to take pictures to immortalize this magical moment (I want to see that).

9 – Sports-themed boy baby shower: football, rugby, basketball, horse riding…

source : Hwtm

Is the future dad invited and is he a football fan? So, have a football baby shower on his favorite team.

In terms of decoration, favor elements referring to this sport. For example, you can buy synthetic turf with lots of accessories, small football boots for the baby (which will serve as decoration), a t-shirt from the mother’s favorite team or a bodysuit for the future baby.

If you’re good at cooking, why not bake a cake in the shape of a soccer field (otherwise let a pro do it by calling a cake designer)?

For entertainment, you can get into a game of football between two teams. Buy a ball for the occasion (future gift from the baby as a bonus), and the winner will receive her champion’s cup.

10 – Another original Rock star theme: Elvis comes out of this body 🎤

source : Mimisdollhouse

To highlight this theme, preferably use bright and pop rock colors.

Collect old vinyl records from a flea market to make coasters. You can also buy a small inflatable guitar or small musical instruments as decoration.

Then, in the kitchen, prepare cookies in the shape of a musical note…

For the entertainment, it will be a “karaoke party”. You will need a microphone, karaoke CDs and speakers. In short, the complete panoply of the rocker 😉.

Regarding gifts for the baby, you can add a “musical instrument toy” to your birth list, such as: a small drum kit, a guitar, a piano…

11 – Star Wars baby shower: may the force be in you little JEDI!

source : Catchmyparty

For a little Jedi, this theme is ideal! You can imagine a whole decor around Star Wars, such as: balloons, table runner, disposable tableware and “baby jedi or Star Wars” banners, R2D2 cookies, lightsabers, cupcakes and cookies with Chewbacca, Master Yoda, R2D2 …

In terms of birth gifts, put on your list a special Star Wars diaper cake or Star Wars figurines or stuffed animals 😅.

For the animation, you can do a “baby shower photobooth” session by creating masks with all the characters from the film.

12 – Beach/surf theme: is it summer? It’s hot ? So organize a “Sea, Surf and Sun” party 🌞

source : Meaningfulmama

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Many ideas immediately come to mind, such as a tiki bar complete with lots of colorful cocktails preferably without alcohol (yes, you have to be in solidarity with you the future mother 😉).

As gifts, guests can buy beach clothes for the baby or a bathing suit for the mother.

A fruit cake, surfboard cookies and even a “sandcastle” cake (yes, I assure you it’s possible) will be perfectly adapted to the theme.

Do you have a swimming pool? What luck ! So, plan a whole range of inflatable objects: pink flamingo armchairs (I dream of it 😜), a summer palm tree, inflatable beach toys…. And balls and balloons for games and decoration!

To thank the guests, why not offer a special summer kit. This kit would consist, for example, of sunscreen, a rose water book, nail polish, lip balm…for their next beach vacation.

13 – Knight theme: Long live King Arthur and his knights of the round table!

source : Karaspartyideas

For this theme, you can take inspiration from things from the time, such as dragons, castles, knights, armour, swords…

In terms of decoration, you can make a large cardboard castle and place it in the center of the table. You can also put up banners and pennants from medieval times. In decoration stores, you will find knight costumes, headdresses, armor, swords….

For the birth gift, put on your birth list a diaper cake in the shape of a castle or a complete LEGO knight kit.

The photobooth with a beautiful period decor will also be a very friendly way to liven up the party and leave beautiful memories for the guests. You can also organize a fight with dummy swords…

14 – Little Prince theme baby shower

source : Karaspartyideas

You have decided to decorate the baby’s room inspired by the book/movie “The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry” ?

Perfect ! In this case, organize a baby shower with pastel colors in homage to the character of the book: green, yellow, blue and red by adding points of orange to remind the little fox and touches of white for the sheep.

Add decorations with yellow stars and small items related to the theme. You can use it later to decorate the baby’s room.

For the table decoration, you can leave quotes from the book. Here are some examples: “You can only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes” or “You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”…

And why not play a “quiz/ questionnaire” about this book?

Regarding the gift to give the baby, you are spoiled for choice. You can put on your birth list: a “little prince” birth book, an activity book on the theme, a “little prince” pacifier clip.

15 – Airplane-themed baby shower: The future mother is expecting a little pilot?

source : Justalittlesparkle

Imagine a whole decor around planes, travel, suitcases.

In terms of decoration, you can make clouds with cotton balls. You can also put some suitcases on the floor and decorate the whole room with streamers and airplane-shaped pennants. And why not buy an all-white tablecloth and draw a line in the middle to recall the airstrip. Then place small toy or cardboard planes or suitcases on it. Top it off with treats. You can even set up balloon arches everywhere for the aerial side 😉.

Do you have a map of the world, a world map, a globe lying around at home? Great ! So use them to decorate the walls or the table.

For the birth gift, you can ask your girlfriends to make you an airplane-shaped diaper cake (#challengegateaudecouchesactivated). A pretty suspension in the shape of an airplane for the baby’s room is also a very good idea.

16 – What little boy doesn’t like cars? Organize a Cars baby shower party

source : Prettymyparty

Have you already decorated your baby’s future room with elements from Disney’s “Cars”? Brilliant, you will be able to inspire yourself with it for your boy’s baby shower.

To decorate the room, why not buy black, red and yellow balloons and put objects related to the Cars character on the table (Cars disposable tableware, small figurines, etc.). You can also buy buckets of red color and put drinks or treats inside.

In the kitchen, I invite you to prepare cupcakes and stick little flags on them. You can also ask a cake designer to make a beautiful car-themed cake.

17 – Board the train! Tchooooo-tchooooo!

source : Sarahsofiaproductions

For decoration, it is best to limit yourself to two, three or four colors, such as green, yellow, blue and red to match all your decoration.

Why not prepare tickets like train tickets? As soon as a guest arrives, detach him from the notebook and accompany the person to the number of the chair assigned to him, it can be fun.

You can also use aluminum trays to make wagons and arrange fruit or sweets inside each one. If you prefer, replace the fruit with crisps or savory appetizer cakes.

Do you already know your baby’s name? Brilliant, you can make a train where each car represents a letter of the first name of the future child.

Idea for girlfriends: what better than to offer a whole circuit with trains, wagons… for the future little boy!

18 – Opt for a starry boy baby shower to dazzle your guests!

source : Catchmyparty

I recommend a blue and gold decoration with balloons in the shape of stars and moons, confetti everywhere as a table decoration….

Instead, use accessories reminiscent of the moon and stars and place them on cupcakes or cakes…

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Finally, why not make a photobooth with a white sheet in the background surrounded by star-shaped garlands? You can even make clouds with cotton to accentuate the softness and tenderness effect.

19 – DIY/construction baby shower: let’s get to work!

source : Pinosy

With such a theme, you can really have fun decorating. I propose as dominant colors yellow, orange, brown and black.

In terms of table decoration, you can buy a very flashy orange tablecloth for example and place lots of elements on it. As in the photo above, you can for example add: small road signs, dump trucks or yellow tractors transporting aperitifs or sweets, cupcakes in the shape of tools…

The must of the must: make a banner with the inscriptions “Baby under construction” or “Mom is going to give birth”….

For the decoration of chairs or walls, you can put big yellow “fragile” tape (a little humor doesn’t hurt 😂)!

For gifts to the baby, why not include on your birth list: a construction game, a small case “kit for the perfect little handyman” or other toys relating to this theme, in particular small cars, trucks, etc.

20 – Baby Dinosaur theme shower

source : Prettymyparty

Denvers the last dinosaur is my friend and so much more… (as I write this I am literally cracking up…. 😜) do you remember this cartoon, I was a fan?!

You’re going to have a blast with this theme and kids love little dinosaurs, so buy some mini DINO plushies (great for decorating) and spread them around. You can use it later to decorate the room or as a comforter for your little one.

Why not make a decoration with an orange, green and blue color scheme? For this, you fill the room with balloons in the shape of dinosaurs in these color tones. Also add flags/garlands with dinosaur eggs.

21 – Organize a party based on Disney characters

source : Dulcedesign

You can choose “Robin Hood”, “Aladdin”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “Peter Pan”, “Pinocchio”, “Roger Rabit”, “Mickey” , “Nemo”, “Monster Inc”, “Toy story”… you have an infinity of choices.

If for example you choose Toy story, there are many characters (Woody, Buzz Lightyear, the space patrolman…), so you select 2 or 3 of them and you propose all the decoration around these characters.

You can bake a cake or cupcakes with the main character Woody and make streamers, balloons in yellow, red, blue and brown colors.

Why not organize a photobooth with all the characters… and put some wonderful “Toy story” stuffed animals on your birth list for the future baby.

22 – Science themed baby shower: are you a scientist, a chemist? Perfect !

source : Cutest-baby-shower-ideas

At first glance, this theme may seem strange and difficult to set up for a boy’s baby shower, but when you think about it, it’s not.

Remember your science class (stopppppp, don’t think about the mouse you had to dissect) 👩‍🔬.

Start by getting 3 or 4 white coats and glasses to put the guests in the mood right away.

Get test tubes, light bulbs and have treats inside. Why not make chocolate mice? All you need is a suitable mould…

Label the bottles with catchy scientific phrases. “Chemical soda” instead of the diet coca cola or H2O label on the water bottle label…

I invite you to do an “experience” workshop by buying game boxes or searching the Internet for experiments to achieve which are not at all dangerous for the future mother.

And why not include “the perfect little chemist’s kit” on your birth list? The child will use it later.

23 – Lego-themed baby shower party: who hasn’t played Lego one day?

source : Babyshowerideas4u

For this theme, you have to bet everything on a beautiful table decoration thanks to brightly colored Lego bricks including bright yellow, dark green, bright red, bright blue.

If you have a lot of patience, buy a big pack of Lego and make a vase, a trivet or any other object (I assure you, you will find plenty of tutorials on the Internet).

Afterwards, you can keep all the pieces to entertain your child.

To make a pretty sweet table, buy M&Ms to stay in bright colors and get started with LEGO CAKE (or hire a cake designer).

24 – Another motorcycle-themed party idea: ideal if you’re a Harley fan 😉

source : Catchmyparty

Great, let’s go for a “motorcycle baby shower” in shades of orange and black.

Of course, consider putting a diaper cake in the shape of a motorcycle on your birth list!

As a gift, you can also ask for small biker boots or a whole kit: bodysuit, pacifier, clothing, bib… with a motorcycle. And why not ask for a motorcycle helmet for you with a dedication from each guest (we can always dream 😂).

25 – Do you love anything vintage? The theme is found!

source : Jenniferjonesphoto

Do you love vintage? Perfect ! So favor wooden and wicker objects. Gather several objects and colors that will create a nice atmosphere. Choose items that remind you of your childhood: rustic burlap, wooden objects, rocking horse, high chair or wooden bed, bouquet in glass jars, personalized vintage milk jugs decorated with treats…

You can also organize a knitting workshop and make small slippers or layettes for babies.

As a birth gift, you can include small collectible books with a vintage look on your birth list, a diaper cake with an old teddy bear or a voucher for your favorite vintage clothing store.

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