Travel bassinet for baby: 9 best babies travel bassinet

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9 beds now and to help you find the best baby bed for family travel, here is an article allowing you to compare a large number of nomadic baby beds, pop-up or folding umbrella beds to allow your toddlers to sleep comfortably during your family getaways.

Koo-di pop-up travel cot 0-6 months with or without sun protection

Koodi pop-up cot 0-6 months with sun protection

The smallest pop-up bed on the market! Once folded, it fits in its small bag included, 30 cm x 30 cm. The bed is assembled in 2 parts: the cradle and the small hood!

I love it and regularly give it to new born friends, because it allows parents to travel light for the first 6 months of a baby, but many tell me that they use it as a little extra bed for naps. of the baby during the day when the baby learns to differentiate day from night for his sleep. I therefore recommend taking the small inflatable mattress which provides better comfort for prolonged use.

  • The +: the price, the compactness, the weight
  • The – : 6 months go by quickly!

Pop-up baby bed + 6 months, mosquito net included, with or without sun protection

This baby bed works on the same principle as its little brother 0 to 6 months. We take it out of its carrying bag and 2 seconds later: it is in place. A small optional inflatable mattress will improve the baby’s comfort when he uses it outside the few days of vacation, for regular use!

The carry bag here is only 60 x 30 x 18cm, and the travel cot weighs less than 2 kgs (excluding inflatable mattress). It fits well in a luggage backpack or suitcase. This allows you to go super light!

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As soon as the child grows, I advise you to leave it open to allow him to go out without deforming it (except in the case of protection against mosquitoes). Either way, the pop-up bed springs back into shape on its own.

The synthetic material allows it to be cleaned with a sponge in the event of a disaster! And it will dry very quickly! Can be used up to 3 years of age, i.e. up to 90cm. Then anyway, they can move into a real bed and use it as a cabin.

The +: its price, its size and its weight

The –: the little ones can move it easily from the age of 2

Naos Umbrella Bed by Escape Lifestyle: the best baby and child travel cot!

A new baby bed, designed in France by an adventurous dad! It is my favorite travel cot thanks to the folding of its legs, which is even easier! For an almost identical size, and a very light weight (4 kg), with a memory foam mattress.

  • The +: its weight, its size, its ease of folding and folding, its carrying bag
  • The –: French manufacturing is paid for, a little more expensive than other compact travel cots of this type

Traveler travel cot from Phil and Teds: the lightest travel cot!

In my opinion, the perfect travel bed is 2.8 kg only for a 60 cm transport bag! This Phil and Ted’s travel cot is an investment: it is more expensive than a Pop-up bed, but this one will be used longer than the others. It will also serve as an extra bed at home or at the grandparents’, for longer. And above all, it will reassure grandparents with its sturdiness, who are skeptical about pop-up beds.

The bed’s completely disassembled, and after a few assemblies, you will only need 2 min to assemble it. And there you have a real travel cot! The advantage is that it fits in its 68x25cm carrying case, with the small thin but comfortable inflatable mattress. New for 2018, a carrycot option to put your tiny baby at bed height!

  • The +: its unfolded size, its folded size, its weight, its comfort
  • The –: take the time to get used to assembly and disassembly! The bindings are a little hard to disassemble at first, guaranteeing good support, and become more flexible afterwards, allowing you to save time when disassembling!

Deryan pop-up tent bed: parents’ favorite

The Deryan tent bed is a bed for 1-4 year olds but I think we can use it without fear as soon as the baby is small if you don’t put the top down.

We unfold this bed in 1 min, then we inflate the mattress which slips under the bed in a zipped pocket. We install the down, which is attached to the bottom by Velcro. It is mounted with mosquito nets, and sunscreens that allow you to put the child completely in the dark if necessary.

Folding requires a little help like all pop-ups! All the secret is to put the 2 hands in opposition! We lock everything in a bag 45cm in diameter and 18cm thick.

  • The +: the ease of assembly, the mosquito nets, the inflatable mattress, its price
  • The –: the shape folded in a circle, I find it rather cumbersome, for a fan of a backpack… will fit more easily in a suitcase

Little Life Arc 2 tent bed stored in a backpack

My favorite for this baby tent bed , the only one that fits in a backpack! Usable from 0 to 4/5 years old, The assembly is really like an igloo tent. Not the fastest, but very robust on the other hand to withstand the onslaught of our little walkers.

The mattress is self-inflating, sun protection is available as an option. Mosquito nets are an integral part of this children’s bed. It is one of the largest beds with a size of 82x12x133 cm and a weight of 2.5kgs. The storage bag is therefore a backpack about 50cm high by 35cm wide and about 18cm thick

  • The + : the backpack carrying bag, its size, its weight, the optional sun protection
  • The -: a little more complicated to assemble for those who have never been camping

Baby and child’s bed for weekend getaways

I put in this category beds that do not fit in your luggage and that you will therefore have on your hands during your transport! The advantage (or the counterpart) is the assurance of good sleeping comfort during trips over several days with different sleeping places on different floors.

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The BabyBjorn travel cot

A bit like Phil and Ted’s Traveler bed but with a foam mattress, it provides good comfort for your child; although I find that harder mattresses are much better for sleeping!

What I like about this Baby-Bjorn bed are the legs that fold up without having to take them apart.

  • The +: its comfortable and thick mattress, its speed of assembly
  • The –: its folded size: the size of a good suitcase, which makes it an additional piece of luggage

The Magic Bed Pop-up bed

This is a very good idea for a large pop-up bed. But quite frankly once folded, it takes up the whole bottom of the trunk of the car! So we avoid taking the train, the plane with this one. On the other hand, it is really practical to assemble! We “throw” it and it’s up! It now comes in 2 sizes.

I therefore recommend it rather to families who move often, but in France and by car!

  • The +: its ease of installation, compact and inflatable mattress. Very thin bed ideal for putting in the bottom of the trunk of the car
  • The –: a little big to be used in luggage and when traveling by public transport

 Inflatable penguin

A small inflatable bed for weekends at home Grandpa and Grandma or with friends! We’re not really talking about a travel cot here, but it’s a mattress for 2/6 year olds who want to escape from their parents’ house for the night!

This children’s bed has an original penguin shape whose wings provide better stability for the mattress! The mattress, with its inflation pump, fits in a polyester backpack, decorated with a penguin!

The +: The storage bag, the design, its price

The –: a little big to really go on an adventure in a tent…

I hope you enjoyed this selection! Many will say they don’t take a travel cot for their baby, yet they often have a cot at home for weekend trips! So why not make a thoughtful purchase and buy a bed that will follow you everywhere, and improve baby’s comfort and sleep while traveling!

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