Travel baby monitor: How to choose the best one in 2022

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A nomadic baby monitor is, as its name suggests, a portable device, allowing you to listen to babies anywhere in your house or even in your garden. Lightweight and small in size, it can easily slip into your pocket or bag when you’re on the go.

According to the ideal criteria of a nomadic baby monitor, most parents has chosen theFreedom + baby monitor from the Tigex brand: thanks to its small size and its multitude of functions, this baby monitor will be your perfect ally for monitoring baby while indulging in your daily tasks and your peace of mind! Among the functions it includes, we can note the “VOX” function, very useful to avoid the over-emission of waves around the baby, and the Eco mode to save the power and energy of your baby monitor. The walkie-talkie function will allow you to communicate with your child to reassure him if he has had a bad dream. You can also walk around with your baby monitor in your pocket, which will alert you thanks to its “vibrate” mode. Finally, to complete the list of advantages of this baby monitor, you will also benefit from a lullaby and a night light so that your baby feels completely safe during his moments of rest.

The autonomy of a portable baby monitor

babyphone-nomadeIf you are a very active person, the baby monitor connected to a mains socket is not for you. You can still use battery-operated models, but you risk increasing your expenses by changing them regularly. In addition, if you want to take your mobile baby monitor on vacation for a few weeks, you will need to think about buying several spare batteries. To make your life easier, opt for a portable baby monitor with a rechargeable battery.

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The number of channels

If your baby monitor works by radio frequency, avoid classic models with 2 channels because you risk hearing the neighbors’ baby and not your own. Therefore, choose a multi-channel baby monitor with four to ten channels. So, in case of interference, all you have to do is change channels and set your receiver to be on the same frequency as the baby monitor in your child’s room.


Multifunctional portable baby monitor

As a parent, you are certainly looking for the best for your baby. Thanks to a multifunctional portable baby monitor, you can ensure both baby’s safety and well-being. The additional options of the latest nomadic baby monitors will allow you, in addition to their primary baby listening functions, to use the lullaby, night light, walkie-talkie, thermometer, humidity sensor, vibrating and light for the hearing impaired , the sound level indicator… These types of nomadic baby monitors are sold at a higher price than the simple models, depending on the number of options available and their range. 

How to fix a nomadic baby monitor

babyphone-beurer-vibrantOne of the advantages of using a nomadic baby monitor is how to fix. The method of attachment varies depending on the model and brand of your baby monitor. Lightweight, it can be placed on the table or on the sofa or attached to your belt holder with a clip. Some models can be glued using suction cups to any surface. If you want to use a baby monitor outside, for example while gardening, playing sports, or if you just don’t want to carry it around every time you change rooms, baby monitors in the form of a watch, like a listening baby bracelet from the Beurer brand, have been specially designed for you. They therefore attach to your grip.

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Nomadic baby monitor working via WiFi

babyphone-nomade-wifiDid you know that you can transform your smartphone into a nomadic baby monitor? All you have to do is download an app, install it, then connect your phone to the transmitter placed in the baby’s room and you’re done. The advantage of having a portable baby monitor on iPhone or other multimedia devices with access to WiFi such as theiPad is above all based on its range. If with the other babies you have been limited to 50 m, 300 m, 500 m…

babyphone-belkin-WeMo-BabyThanks to this type of baby monitor, like the WeMo Baby model from Belkin, the only limit to the range of your baby monitor is the limit of the network Wi-Fi. Therefore, whether you are staying at home, going to the pharmacy next door, to your neighbor’s, sipping a cocktail in your garden or whether you are at a business dinner, you do not need to take another device with you, your iPhone connected to a WiFi network is enough to monitor baby remotely and stay connected to your loved ones. Very practical, your phone slips easily into your pocket, and your tablet into your bag. The network between the transmitter placed in the nursery and your phone or iPad is secure, so it cannot be hacked.

The ideal type of portable baby monitor for traveling

babyphone-video-voitureDo you want to travel with your family? It is better to bet on a nomadic video baby monitor. The transmitter can be easily placed on one of the side windows at the rear of your vehicle using suction cups. The video and sound it captures will be sent directly to your front screen. In addition, once you arrive at your destination, you can unhook this mobile video baby monitor and place it in the bedroom to monitor the baby. 


So you can take your breakfast quietly on the terrace or have fun in the garden with your other children. By using it, you no longer need to go to the baby’s room to see if he is awake. As soon as he cries, your screen as well as the audible alarm will notify you immediately.

Mobile baby monitor for the deaf or hard of hearing

babymoov-expert-care-fonctionnalitesAre you hearing and want to take your baby monitor on the go? Whether you want to use it while you do household chores, do some shopping or even when you go on vacation, the nomadic baby monitor will be your best ally for watching over the baby. Bet on a nomadic baby monitor with vibrator, such as the Expert Care model from Babymoov. Thus, when the baby cries, his image is displayed directly on your screen, a light will flash to warn you.

If you’re ever distracted, your receiver is in your pocket, you’re sleeping, or you’re by the pool, the vibrating feature will quickly alert you. In addition, the power of the vibrator of certain mobile baby listening models increases according to the power of the baby’s cries.

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