Sleep management while traveling: some tips for managing the change of environment for your baby

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This is a fairly recurring question on your part, how to manage the change of environment for both babies and adults? As we have often repeated on travel with babies, getting the baby used to a change of environment, especially for sleep and naps, can be a key to promoting sleep, regardless of where the baby is. If it’s not always possible to get used to it when you’re young, don’t panic, here are some tips to promote sleep while traveling at all times. It’s never too late!

1- Recreate a cocoon that reassures

Above all, whatever the trip you take with him, and whatever the age, children adapt quite quickly to their new environment. That we must not forget that this change can also destabilize them, generating stress in them. This is perfectly normal.

Kids love routine! So let’s take advantage of what reassures them to help them. Creating a cocoon, and a reassuring environment for him is key. A comfortable bed, in a soft atmosphere. Keep his habits, if he usually falls asleep with an old light, dim the light. Recreating the same environment as at home will help him feel good where he is. Keep him away from all distractions (lighting, noise, traffic), if possible. De-dramatize the change in the baby’s environment yourself in order to focus on the important thing: his comfort!

If you haven’t already done so at this stage of the trip, don’t hesitate to explain to him where you are, with whom, why you are there or even explain to him what he will be doing the next day. Whatever the age, he will understand that the situation is controlled by his parents.

2- Bring all the cuddly toys/fetish toys to facilitate sleep when traveling

In order to recreate a serene and reassuring environment for him, you must pack your bags carefully. Bring everything that can help him acclimatize to this change of environment: comforter, night light, fetish blanket, … All these valuables will remind him of home thanks to the smells, and textures, … He will feel confident with all his friends!

At home, very early, we traveled with our babies. Beyond taking the stuffed animals, we kept the whole ritual around the stuffed animals and habits. The bedtime ritual at home is the same as when traveling. And still today. Although this ritual evolves with age, we recommend that you keep it in all circumstances. At 7 and 5 years old, we are used to reading a story in French in the evening and then moving on to the very soft hug to promote calm. When we are not able to do so, we put them a story from the “Lunii, the story factory”. And this, both at home and on the road.

3- Take time with him

I think this is the most important point. Take the time to support your child in this change of environment. An expeditious bedtime for the first times is to be avoided. Sleep while traveling is never acquired and is tamed over time.

Some nights it goes by itself, and others it’s a real headache. (Like at home, right? )

In these moments, you have to realize that he needs you with him. Listen to him, grant things that are usually not “authorized” (a second story, mom or dad stays a little aside, etc.). The zen-attitude will be your best ally: lie down next to him, tell him an additional story, cuddle him for long minutes, …

It is also important to also listen before bedtime in order to find the right time for him to go to bed. Neither too early nor too late. Because during the holidays, we have a less well-set schedule than at home and we are not always in the same bedtime slots. So don’t just watch the clock, watch the child detect when their eyes are blinking!

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