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The Canary Islands are an archipelago of volcanic origin, made up of 7 islands, whose landscapes will surprise you and make you fall in love. How can you visit the islands? Getting around the Canary Islands by ferry is the best option to get to know them on your next adventure.

What do the Canary Islands offer tourists?

These Spanish islands, which are closer to Africa than to our peninsula, are of volcanic origin and offer a subtropical climate that allows you to enjoy their beaches at any time of the year. Its climate gives rise to a great biological diversity that, together with the landscape and geological richness, justifies the existence in the archipelago of four national parks, UNESCO biosphere reserves and areas declared World Heritage Sites.

The natural attractions, the good weather and the beaches make the islands an important tourist destination. Any of the seven islands are ideal for family holidays: El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. What island do you dare to visit?


It is the largest, most populated and touristic island of the Canary Islands. It offers innumerable attractions to enjoy an unforgettable trip on your vacation:

From the observation of dolphins and whales, passing through different water and theme parks, to taking surf lessons, going on Quad excursions, going up by cable car to the summit of Teide to obtain a unique perspective of the lava flows and the spectacular landscape that has left the volcano, explore the bowels of the earth by entering a volcanic tube in the Cave of the Winds. Even spend a day of fun at the Siam Park water park set in the Thai jungle or jump on a zip line at the Forestal Park.

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The Palm

The island of La Palma will surprise you with one of the best laurel forests on the islands, the Barranco de los Tilos, which is reminiscent of an authentic fairy forest. You will find the best views of the island at the Mirador del Roque de los Muchachos, located at the highest point of the island, 2,426 meters above the Atlantic, you will see the National Park of La Caldera de Taburiente, volcanoes and the International Astrophysical Observatory. At the foot of a leafy cliff in the municipality of Puntallana is one of the most beautiful and wild beaches in the Canary Islands with fine black sand of volcanic origin and it is our favorite, Nogales beach.

La Gomera

From the highest point of the island, the Pico de Garajonay at 1,487 meters above sea level, to its beaches and cliffs, we will find a diversity of landscapes and impressive natural spaces. Viewpoints, wild beaches and Garajonay National Park with ancient laurel forests is what awaits us on the second smallest island in the archipelago.


The smallest island surprises the visitor with its turquoise blue natural pools such as El Charco Azul, with its lunar landscapes, its viewpoints that touch the sky and its fairytale forests.

Gran Canaria

On this island you will find charming towns, unique natural spaces, places declared a World Heritage Site and precious monuments. You will walk through the dunes of Maspalomas. You will get to know Roque Nublo, one of the most mythical and important natural places, a spectacular 80-meter-high volcanic rock located in the center of the island. You will walk through Tejeda, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, or through Arucas to come across the spectacular church of San Juan Bautista built at the beginning of the 20th century entirely with stone from Arucas. And you will enter its laurel forest in the Special Nature Reserve of Los Tilos de Moya.


It is the paradise to enjoy the tranquility, adventure and nature. From white sand beaches, to impressive dunes, passing through charming towns and hiking excursions to the Bentacuria Natural Park or the Calderón Hondo volcano. 15 minutes away by boat you will find the small island of Lobos, with paradisiacal beaches and an unusual desert landscape that invites you to enjoy a day at the beach or snorkel enjoying its crystal clear waters and its abundant seabed.


You will enter the Timanfaya National Park with its infinite sea of ​​lava dotted with dozens of craters and volcanic cones. You will contemplate the volcanic cliffs of Los Hervidores, the characteristic vineyards of La Geria, the Island of La Graciosa from the Mirador del Río and you will enter the bowels of the island through the volcanic tube of the Cueva de los Verdes. You cannot miss enjoying its paradisiacal beaches such as Punta del Papagayo or Playa de Mujeres and the paradise for surfers, Playa de Famara.

How to get around the Canary Islands by ferry?

The best option, if you intend to get to know several of its islands on your trip, is to travel by ferry to the Canary Islands . Why? Because the Canarias Ferry is the cheapest and most comfortable way for your trip around the islands. You can board the car and you have a wide variety of schedules and routes.

Can you get from the peninsula by ferry to the Canary Islands?

You can travel to the Canary Islands by ferry from the Spanish mainland and thus be able to take your own car on your trip. To reach the islands by boat from the mainland, the journey time can be from 30 to 63 hours depending on the chosen route. The departures to the islands are from Cádiz or Huelva depending on the chosen destination.

It is a slow journey, but on all the ferries you will find the best entertainment services, thus offering you an unforgettable experience. Passengers during the trip will be able to access all the common areas, restaurant or settle in the external seats to sunbathe.

You have the option of choosing the cabin as accommodation on the ferry, whether double or quadruple, interior or exterior, it offers you all the comforts. This option is ideal for families who prefer tranquility and privacy.

Passengers during the trip will be able to access all the common areas, restaurant or settle in the external seats to sunbathe.

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