I tested the Otonohm nomadic battery: finally hike with baby!

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I’m sure that as parents-travelers, you have already given up on the idea of ​​hiking with a baby or a toddler! The motive is simple: ” How am I going to heat up his meal?” Don’t tell me this has never happened to you. Hiking with a breastfed baby or one who takes his bottle at room temperature, no worries! But if like me, your child drinks hot, then it’s more complicated. Past the period of baby bottles, we then move on to small pots. In the childcare market, there aren’t many solutions to this problem, which is why I tested the Autonomous nomadic battery!

I rarely accept product tests because I am quite demanding in terms of equipment. You know, I’m a little anti-useless product marketing. However, when I met the Otonohm brand, I found their products particularly practical and above all useful. So I agreed to test one of their products, the one that best met my needs as a traveling mom. It offers a fairly developed range, but I have chosen to tell you about the DOCK OTONOHM.

I present to you Otonohm.

Otonohm is an English company that designs nomadic energy solutions for travelers or not. This Lille start-up (#chauvine) launched its 1st self-sufficient energy backpack in 2016. The goal is to be free while staying connected. The ambition is also to reduce battery production by offering eco-responsible energy solutions.

The backpack was a big hit, so they expanded the line with other products. The one I’m going to tell you about is called the DOCK.

The Dock is an autonomous nomadic battery!

I met Louise at the tourism fair in Lille. She immediately targeted the issue of family travel. How do you heat a baby bottle when you’re out in nature? Good question right? Well, we tinker: we heat thoroughly before leaving and we confine it in an isothermal bag, we give it cold where we do not hike for more than 2 hours :).

That’s when she tells me about the DOCK. A box with multiple supports: 8 USB ports, and 1 cigarette lighter socket (12V). And that changes everything! You can therefore take your car bottle warmer with you and therefore heat the baby’s meal while hiking!

This also applies to the beach, and family picnics but also to recharge your laptop!

We are talking more about a charging station than a nomadic battery. Given its size and capacity, we are on a very advanced product.

It works with all OTONOM batteries (there are 3, and up to 30,000 mAh) and can supply 230V using a 12V/230V voltage converter. It is obviously compatible with laptops (via a 12V PC charger).

The portable Otto ohm battery was Tested and approved!

I have had the Dock since last April. So I took the time to tell you about it because I really wanted to test it in different circumstances.

First in Brocéliande. During my blog trip, we left for 2 days. The heavy use of my phone for the past 2 days has taken its toll on my battery. It saved my day because I was able to charge my phone between 2 visits to be able to send you Stories on Snap and Instagram.

I then used it during our trip to Center Val de Loire, but also during a family picnic, I was able to heat Suzanne’s little pot.

I even tested it in the garden to continue surfing when I had run out of battery on my phone, from my deckchair

. This nomadic energy solution will also be perfect for camping fans for the use of lamps, coolers, ..

My feedback following my use of the Autonomous nomadic battery.

What I liked:

  • The holding of the battery. The standby system when there is no device connected allows you to keep the battery for a very long time. To tell you that I have only done 1 full recharge since my acquisition!
  • The multi-sockets allow you to connect several telephones or devices at the same time
  • The ease of use (I even read the instructions diagonally!)
  • The cigarette lighter socket to connect my bottle warmer (which I now only use to heat the small pots)

What I liked less about the autonomous nomadic battery:

  • The format. Inevitably it is still a powerful box so the weight is quite heavy. When traveling we are quite heavy and I admit that adding extra weight is restrictive. I slip it into the stroller when possible or I leave it in the car when I know I won’t be using it for the outing. In short, I still think before taking it in my bag.
  •  Its cost. It is necessary to think carefully about its use beforehand because it is a small investment. It is available for 99$. You still have to say that it is an English product.

try to update this article as my experiences and use progress. Especially this summer, it will serve us during our next road trip. 

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