How to travel with a baby without a car seat: how to do it?

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A safety question this morning on the blog: the car seat while traveling. How to bring them on the train, by plane? Which one to choose when you go on a road trip by car, only a few days a year?

Take your own car seat on a plane, train…

A truly effective car seat must comply with certain ECE R44/04, 04 or R129 standards. The only ones that respect these regulations in an optimum way are often real car seats in which we invest when the baby is born. The prices are quite high, but they will follow your children for many years.

For babies: take their carrycot / shell

For babies who do not sit up yet, the easiest way is to always have your child’s carrycot / shell with you. It will also help you on the spot to hold the baby, while you shower, cook, etc. It will be accepted free of charge on most airlines as checked baggage.

Car seat and plane

In order not to be afraid of damaging your car seat, a good solution is to use it directly on the plane.

For this, a car seat must be approved (ECE R44/04, 04 or R129). If the car seat does not meet these standards, the flight attendants have the right to refuse its installation. Some car seats are specifically approved for air travel, i.e. comply with use on board an aircraft with the mention TUV-approved Certified for use on aircraft.


To put his car seat on the plane, your child must of course have his own place on the plane (paying)

Car seat in the hold

If you bring your car seat in checked baggage, it can be free at most companies if your child is under 2 years old. It is then part of the authorized accessories for the stroller.

It will also be necessary to protect your car seat well, by putting it in a suitable bag or by protecting it at the airport. It often passes with heavy and oversized objects, so in a different place from traditional luggage.

Car seat and train

I admit I have no specific information on the subject. But the seats of the train did not have belts, so there was no interest in putting the seat on the armchair. Better to store it with the suitcases to have it later, if you rent a car or take a taxi.

Bring an inflatable, foldable, easily transportable booster car seat

The solution for those who travel regularly is to invest in this type of seat when the child can no longer bring his car seat free of charge on the plane. We agree that the safety will be less assured than in your car seat used every day, but it will be better than not attaching your child at all or carrying him on your lap. These booster car seats are used with fairly large children from around 15 kg, they raise them above all to prevent the belt from hindering them in the wrong place.

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The Bubble Bum: inflatable travel booster seat to slip into its bag

A Bubble Bum is an inflatable car booster seat that will allow your child to be seated at a height, with a clip to lower the belt. The booster car seat should not be overinflated, otherwise the child will slide a little. It is a group 3 seat, usable from 4 to 11 years old. So a long-term investment for those who like to travel.

This is the most compact seat I have tested. I also use it for the Mini Voyageur booster seat at the table, but beware, this one does not attach to the chair, it must be reserved for older children.

The Boostapak: a car booster seat and backpack

Bigger, this travel car seat, the Boostapak, is also a. Its big advantage is that it also serves as a backpack. You can put a few books, games and comforters in the storage space.

So it is ideal for spending the weekend with grandparents or friends.

Opinion of parent users:

We have the trunki boostapak. Very good, because it is also a backpack. But a little heavy, you don’t take it hiking…

I use the trunki boostapak for my two daughters, 6 and a half and 3 years old. I use it in the car (on a trip, to sleep with friends, at the restaurant for the little one to raise it a bit….) I don’t have any photos, but if necessary I can take them. When they were too small, we put on our own seats.

The Mifold

A new seat that I don’t know, but that I discovered via the travel and children’s forum. Some of you have tested it: here is their opinion.

“Boostapak is very good. The manifold just allows the belt to be lowered, but not to raise the child. »

I have a Bubblebum and two Booster Seat Manifolds used on trips only for children of the height and weight to no longer be in a harness seat. Used in the car only, since in bus and train, I have not yet come across one with a belt adapted to a booster.

This nomadic Manifold seat is designed for children from 15 to 36 kg and from 102 to 150 cm , i.e. over 4 years old, this seat will be very practical.

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Rigid and foldable

 car seats Several car seats also exist in a foldable version. They are much larger than those offered above. But comfort and safety are certainly more developed. I have not tested them, I am linking them to you for your information:

The Urban Kanga Uptown folding

A group 1 seat, from 9 months to around 4 years old, no backrest recline… Weight: 3 kg – folded dimensions: H55 X W34 X D16 cm

Peg Perego 2-3 Flex travel car

seat And isofix seat, from a recognized brand, for 3 to 12 year olds, scalable, adjustable in 5positions… Weight: 6 kg – folded dimensions: D 44 x l60 x h25 cm

Rent or buy a car seat on site

The prices are quickly prohibitive, I only chose this solution once a year in Turkey, the price was not expensive. However, you do not know the condition of the car seat. Ditto if you buy a car seat at a low price in the country you visited. Is it really better than a booster seat?

Here I hope that this small article will allow you to make your choice between these different booster seats. This is convenient, but not at best security-wise. But for my part, traveling a lot, it is more practical for us to fly with this type of booster car seat for children.

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