How to travel light with baby: my top tips!

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The holidays are approaching and the fight will start again. What should I bring to leave? WHAT !! All that ??? But it will never fit in the suitcase! So to help you, I share my tips that will allow you to travel light with your baby. And if like me, you know a period when you have several very young children at the same time, I know that you are in a somewhat critical period. In these cases, you have no choice, you have to organize yourself as well as possible to take the bare minimum! 

The more often we leave, the less we charge. Over time, we realize that there are things that we take away that are of no use to us, or, on the contrary, we forget the essentials! World tours will tell you that traveling light is still weightless. No room for nonsense! Let’s go !!

How to travel light with baby: here are my tips!

Ask for the provision of equipment on site

Bring two travel cots, it is simply not possible!! With our two little ones, we always asked the hotels (when we had no choice but to sleep at the hotel) to provide them to us. We also asked them for rooms with a bathtub, as well as a kettle to heat the bottle in a bain-marie (and hop, no more need for the bottle warmer!)

où dormir au luxembourgIn Luxembourg, our two cots were put in place when we arrived.

Find out about on-site equipment rental

This is a service that is set to develop and in my opinion, it is more than welcome! Try to rent the equipment you will need for the duration of your stay: cot, high chair, deckchair, stroller, changing table, potty or reducer… and many other bulky items of equipment that may be lacking during the holidays.

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Thanks to Loca-b, a company born in Lyon and growing rapidly, there is no need to ask a thousand questions or make drastic choices. If you want to reassure yourself with quality equipment at your vacation spot, there’s no need to load up like mules! Débora and Antoine take care of everything for you!

Loca-b will invest in new French regions and will be present from spring 2022 in Normandy, in Calvados, so stay connected and travel light with all the comforts for babies! And besides, we have a promo code for you!

Traveling light with baby means investing in nomadic equipment

If you often travel with your little one(s), invest a minimum in equipment designed for travel.

For example, for Louis we bought an inflatable booster seat (see article on equipment in Albania) which adapts to all chairs. And hop ! no need for a high chair or finding a restaurant where you have to put the stroller.

Some brands rack their brains to make our lives easier (You can read my article on the Bubble Bum booster), so let’s take advantage of it. However, beware of the marketing trap. You don’t have to create new needs.

Getting equipped can be expensive so think about the second-hand market, you can often find products in excellent condition for less (leboncoin, ebay).


Caroline SPA Prague

When we go out on the road, we prefer to stay in an apartment. Airbnb remains our favorite site but there are others (booking, cityzenbooking, housetrip, …). The advantage of going to an apartment is already to:

  • Gain square meters to live better in community (yes, in the reduced space of a hotel room, your family can be likened to a community!! ). Having a bedroom separate from the living room can be very useful for putting baby to sleep in peace without having to go to bed at the same time!
  • Have all the necessary daily equipment. Especially for cooking on evenings when you don’t want to eat out. It’s also much more convenient to clean bottles in a sink than in a bathroom sink!! The cost is substantially the same between hotel and apartment hotel. Everything will depend on the situation of course… (city, proximity to tourist points,…).
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Take the essentials, no superfluous

How to travel light with baby: my top tips!

We stop the “just in case”!! If it’s hot, cold, if it’s raining, snowing,… STOP! Taking the essential means that you have to be logical in your choices. Choose clothes that go together, limit the number of pairs of shoes, … Simplify as much as possible!! Frequent travelers apply a fairly simple rule: if you are hesitant to take something, then don’t!

Do you usually use a baby bath towel? Sure, it’s practical, but to travel light it’s better to use the hotel towels provided or microfiber towels that dry quickly for a minimum of space.

And for all everyday objects, think of the alternatives.

♦ Tips for traveling light with baby: Clothes

Don’t pack 50 spare outfits! Find out about the temperatures before departure. And then, don’t forget that it’s always easier to uncover when it’s hot (eg: prefer vests or sweaters, …)! Bring outfits that can be worn in all circumstances.

If you leave for a long time, you will wash them on the spot as you go, so take a soap to wash the dirty laundry.

♦ The first aid kit

Make a minimalist kit: do not take the boxes and whole packets. Stock up on a few medications for emergencies. If you need more, you can buy the necessary on site. Unless you’re going deep into the desert for three weeks, the basics will suffice.

Think about the alternatives. For example, for doliprane, prefer suppositories to the big bottle (according to medical recommendations of course).

♦ Toys

Take 2 or 3 different toys, no more. Anyway, children get tired quickly and love to play with anything: a piece of wood, a cup, pebbles. In addition, it makes them work their imagination. So limit toys to a small bag. From now on, we leave with a small backpack for the 2 children.

♦ Buy

locally The package of nappies, the Blédichef dishes, in short, if you are going to a developed country, you will have everything there. Take only what is necessary for the trip (and not for the whole stay). You will do your shopping once you arrive.

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♦ Think about the travel size

There are several types of containers of different sizes that allow you to take the amount of shower gel for the family (obviously, you will take only one shower gel and shampoo for the whole family).

Also think about samples (admit, you too have plenty of them in your cupboards!), but also solid soap and shampoo. At the same time, you will make a small gesture for the planet!

Think about your activities there before leaving

Why? Simply bring the equipment you will need. Are you going for a hike? So you will favor the baby carrier. If you’re going to be wandering around a city for days on end, then it’s probably going to be the stroller. Nothing really revolutionary, just a bit of common sense!

Organize your weekend beforehand and then you will target just your needs, and therefore no superfluity. Whether in terms of equipment but also clothing.

How to travel light with baby: my top tips!

Organize your luggage!

To avoid annoying questions like “honey, where is the PHY serum?” », use pockets, and pencil cases to organize and separate family belongings.

Think of the kits: medicines, toiletries. For children and for parents. But also fabric pockets to separate dirty laundry from clean (an essential regardless of the length or type of stay) or to put all the family shoes together, in the same place.

You will save considerable time and the size of your luggage will no longer increase at the end of your stay!

Regarding the optimization of the folding, we are followers of the folding à la Marie Kondo but there are other techniques on the net.

Oh too! Before going to the airport, don’t forget to weigh your luggage! It would be a shame to pay an extra baggage charge when arriving on site! But normally, after following these tips for traveling light with a baby, you should be fine!

How to travel light with baby: my top tips!

I hope my advice will help you to travel light with your children!

And you tell me, what are your tips for limiting the weight of your luggage?

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