How to carry cow milk for baby while travelling

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Traveling with a baby is not always easy, especially when it comes to feeding. Whether you travel by plane, car or train, there are tips and tricks to be able to feed your child correctly and simply. The most important thing is to keep your loulou’s routine and eating habits so that he doesn’t lose his bearings. To feed baby on vacation without hassle, Little Guest gives you some practical advice to limit preparation, optimize containers and offer tasty, balanced and fresh meals throughout the trip. 

What diet by age?

It’s important to prepare for baby’s food throughout the trip, whether it’s on the main trip or while you’re out and about. 


From birth to 4 years old, babies feed exclusively onliquid foods. A milk diet without added cereals is recommended. If you opt for bottle-feeding or mixed feeding, you must provide a bag or a solid container to carry your loulou’s bottles and milk boxes. 


Have you already started food diversification? Do not change anything during the trip to provide a rich and balanced diet to your child. The most practical is to bring small pots to serve baby easily. If the trip is short, you can also prepare fruit or vegetable purees that you take away in tightly closed plastic or glass jars. 


Depending on his teeth, baby can now eat in small pieces. However, it is not recommended to bring solid foods that require more preparation.

What can I take on the plane?

You can bring food and water for your baby in your cabin baggage. Organize your bag well, making sure to include:

  • Bottles
  • A box of infant milk
  • A milk measuring cup,
  • A bottle of water
  • A water bottle, a learning cup
  • Small jars
  • Biscuits or snacks
  • A plastic garbage bag

What if I travel by car?

If you are traveling with the family by car, there are no restrictions, you can take everything you are used to using at home for your loulou. The only condition is to bring and use equipment and accessories that are easy to handle during the trip. However, be careful when storing food in the trunk, as the temperature there is 40°C.


You can easily store all freeze-dried foods in the trunk of the car. These are powdered milks, porridges of cereals and small fruit-based pots, which are insensitive to heat. So don’t hesitate to bring jars of fruit and cereals, fruit with yogurt and drinks to feed your child well during the holidays. 

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Meat and vegetables, on the other hand, are more sensitive to temperatures above 40°C. Instead, keep them in the passenger compartment where the temperature is cooler due to air conditioning and ventilation. If you have to put the small jars of vegetables and meats in the trunk, cool them in the refrigerator before departure. 

Also remember to protect your pots from shocks. Instead, carry trays that are still wrapped so that the jars don’t bump into each other. 

Breastfeeding and food diversification: how to organize?

When you go on a trip, the question of baby’s diet is not the same if he is still of breastfeeding age or if he is already eating other foods. 


If your baby is formula-fed, you must respect bottle-feeding intervals, no matter how long the journey. Provide at least two baby bottles and a can of powdered milk as well as a bottle of mineral water or a thermos if he prefers lukewarm milk. 

Depending on your destination, remember to bring sterilization tablets. You cannot be sure that the tap water in the country you are traveling to is always safe to drink. 

Take more than expected to be able to continue feeding baby properly in case of flight delays, you never know! Before departure, find out from your pharmacy whether or not your loulou’s milk is distributed in the country of destination in order to avoid unforeseen events.


If he is old enough to eat, the preparations are a little more complex during the trip. You have the choice between taking small dishes or concocting your child’s meals yourself. 

If you choose to bring small pots, remember to keep them cool during the holidays. Book your stay in a hotel dedicated to families, which provides you with all the equipment and accessories necessary for feeding your baby during the holidays. You will then have at your disposal a refrigerator to keep your small pots or even kitchen utensils to offer you the opportunity to prepare small dishes on the spot. Otherwise, remember to bring coolers and insulated bags to keep your food cool or warm. 

Have you made the decision to cook yourself? Prefer easy-to-carry containers such as water bottles reusable, you can keep purees, compotes or soups in them. You have the choice between the reusable compote bottle from Babymoov or the eco-responsible stainless steel bottle from Zeste. These are very practical for feeding baby during your picnics or various family getaways. Moreover, if your child does not finish his meal the first time, you can keep the rest in the bottle for later. 

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To feed your loulou wherever you are during the trip, plan some accessories such as a potty, a spoon and a bib. If you wish, you can also use Tupperware type storage boxes. These different containers give you the opportunity to diversify your baby’s diet during your stay, even if it lasts several weeks. 

Think of the various ingenious accessories that will make your life easier!

The meal while traveling is not always a cakewalk, whether it is for the preparation or the moment of feeding the little one. Fortunately, there are many accessories that will help you feed your child without stress during the holidays. 


So that baby can eat on his own and you also enjoy your meal, at the hotel, in the restaurant or during the picnic, use a plate-placemat which is also called a smart placemat. It is a compartmentalized meal accessory with a placemat and a plate, usually made of silicone. It attaches easily to the table or to the tablet of the high chair thanks to a suction cup. This washable accessory can be used several times during your stay. Take a good look at the models available on the market before making your choice. Some placemat plates come with additional lids and storage cases. 


Is your child already old enough to eat at the same table as the adults? Whether at the restaurant or at a picnic, use a washable placemat to prevent it from getting dirty during the meal. We prefer placemats made from recycled materials to preserve the environment. 


during meals with baby can always scare some parents. In any case, limiting these small damages will not hurt anyone. Use a silicone bib with edges to collect food that escapes your baby when he eats. It’s even more clever when you travel, because this accessory largely limits the accumulation of crumbs in the restaurant, on the plane, in the car seat or the stroller. 


Baby’s well-being comes first. It is important to keep it well hydrated whether you are traveling to a tropical or temperate country. And whether you go out early in the morning, late at night or in the middle of the day, make sure you always give your toddler something to drink. For this, use a bottle insulated in stainless steel. Double-walled, this bottle keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. A suitable solution for keeping baby well hydrated when it’s hot or for preparing lukewarm milk when you’re outside. 

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Hotels and different types of holiday accommodation do their best to offer us comfort and luxury. Sometimes, when you want to go to a distant land, isolate yourself from the world or even discover nature in the wild, you can’t always have a microwave oven or a stove at hand. Back in force of thermos type containers ! They are very practical for keeping baby’s food warm for a long time after preparation. So you don’t have to reheat his little dishes when you sit down to eat. 



to bring plastic containers in plastic equipped with tight lids to put fruits or vegetables in pieces, bits of hard cheese or even small crackers. These boxes which close hermetically, guarantee a healthy diet for your baby. It also prevents you from spilling food into the baby bag. 


Whether you are traveling by plane, car or train, to a neighboring region or a distant country, always think of everything. Bring utensils in plastic adapted to your little ones, their hands and their mouths: spoons, plates, cups, etc.


Many parents choose to prepare their little one’s meals themselves. If this is also your case, you will need a blender to make vegetable and/or fruit purees for your children. Choose an electric model to obtain a homogeneous mixture quickly. 

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Hotels that think of everything

All destinations are perfect for families with young babies, provided you prepare your stay well from A to Z. Among the preparations to be made, choose a hotel that offers exclusive offers for families. 

For example, Royal Evian welcomes you to the spa town of Evian and Nana Golden Beach opens its doors to you in Crete for a gentle Mediterranean stay. Little Guest also invites you to discover the sun of Provence at Vallon de Valrugues in the small authentic village of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

These hotels think of the happiness of the whole family by formulating offers allowing them to fully enjoy their stay. Parents can take advantage of the various activities and outings organized by the hotel. The children will not be bored with their formidable kids-club. 

A service of baby-sitting to allow parents to get away from it all, a baby-club for the development of your darlings, excursions for the little ones, leisure activities designed especially for teenagers and connecting rooms. In a magnificent setting, the whole tribe will be able to share magical moments together in a comfortable and well-equipped structure. 


When you go on a trip with your child, apart from milk, you can choose to feed him with small jars or prepare his own vegetable and fruit purees. You have to be careful about storing food, especially for long stays. Choose a hotel that offers adapted menus and/or that provides you with all the necessary equipment for preparing and storing baby food. 

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