Essential To Travel With A Baby: How to pack your luggage when traveling as a family?

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When traveling with a baby we tend to make the luggage exaggerating because everything seems necessary but many of the things end up not using it, so we try to carry the minimum. When you are not used to traveling, everything seems necessary. What are our essentials to travel with a baby?

But when traveling becomes your hobby carrying little weight is essential, you learn to travel with a backpack and never check luggage. The clothes you choose only what is just right and necessary, and in the toiletry bag you end up suppressing many pajamas since in the end if you go to hotels there will always be soap and shampoo so you do not need much more.

If you’re traveling with an infant under the age of two

When traveling with a baby under two years old you have to add to our backpack what you need for him. Since on European flights they only allow us to carry their changing bag when they are under two years old. In international if you can carry your own suitcase.

It is summarized in a change for each day of travel and one more just in case (if where we go there are washing machines you can reduce the amount of clothes), a pair of shoes, your towel with hood for the bathroom, some bibs and gauze, if it is still cold I would include your sleeping bag and pajamas, one for every 2 nights. In your toiletry bag you can not miss scissors, the thermometer, the sacamocos, bottles of soap samples, body milk, cream for the ass and cologne.

Regarding medicines, it is important to carry Apiretal and a bar for the bumps now that they begin to move and make trash.

In the changing bag would go diapers and a pack of wipes (we are in favor of taking for the first day and then buy there, as well as baby food and milk, since it does not matter where you go in the world but there are also supermarkets and babies eat and shit). Many mothers carry everything the baby will need because they prefer certain brands but it is not worth it since the babies will hardly notice the change, they are our hobbies and not theirs.

We would also take his toys, the ones that occupy less and entertain him the most, with 3 or 4 leftovers. A change in case it gets stained, the food you are going to eat the first day, disposable bibs (we buy them at Consum), a couple of bottles and a spoon.

It has been very useful in our trips the bottlewarmer-sterilizer becausewhen you are in the hotel or on trains you can heat the bottle or the jar and then you can sterilize it to have it ready for its next shot. Another option would be to ask to heat it, when you are on the street anywhere they heat it without problems but at night it is lazier to leave the room and ask for it. To clean them you could use a bottle cleaner brush and carry a bottle with soap. We advise the use of thebottle warmer-sterilizer, we do great especially on trips in winter, in summer you take it from the time so with a brush clean bottles and soap we have leftovers.

We useFroschdishwasher soap which is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

Our favorite high chairs

We also love the Chicco travel highchair as it adapts to any chair and has a tray which makes it very comfortable for the kids. The bad thing that for air travel takes up a lot of space, it is more useful for car or train travel.

If we want a high chair that does not take up hardly any space, the best are those that are made of fabric and are fastened with a harness to any chair, we buy it on amazon. Click here to see the high chair and buy it.

A portable high chair for your travels, which one to choose?

To wash clothes on long trips with children…

Young children are inevitable to be machen every day so if it is a trip of many days it is time to do laundry, the ideal is to stay in apartments with washing machines but in the absence of washing machines because the best thing is a bar of lizard soap of a lifetime and wash by hand. Another option is to use laundry bags such aslaundreezorScrubba.

For bedtime

If where you are going to stay there are no cots or it is an apartment, thebabymoovtravel cot is very useful since folded you can put it in the backpack without problem. The rest of the travel cots occupy a lot and are only worth it if the trip is by car. It has been super useful until the year has been over.

For the time of walking or sightseeing

If on the trip tourism is not only going to be city but also nature, an ergonomic backpack or a mountain backpack will be necessary. The ergonomic backpack of Ergobabywould be the most comfortable when what we are concerned about is weight and space. If tourism is mountain, backpacks such as those of the theDadananabrand are ideal, which also have the capacity to store some things.

The cheapest carrying backpacks according to the age of the baby

A stroller that has become the biggest of our essentials to travel with a baby

ThePockit Plus stroller from GB.

Discover our stroller, the lightest and most foldable on the market! You can even put it in the cockpit of the plane… Click here. A must on your trips with babies!

We are currently using the Yoya chair from Aliexpress, it is a copy of the Yoyo cart from Babyzen and costs you 3 times less. For € 100 you can have a perfect light cart to use in your day-to-day. By clicking here you have all the information and our experience.

To entertain yourself on trips to the little ones…

Now that it is more than a year old and is already beginning to entertain, portable blackboards are ideal, you can buy them in craft markets or make it yourself.

To store your clothes…

And finally, you need a suitcase to carry their things and the one they like the most is the Trunki. It is very fun since you can climb on it and it is also a corridor.

To have your clothes tidy we loveMr. Wonderful travel bags to store clothes for little adventurers. Travel bags

Any other items you would add to this list of must-haves for traveling with a baby?

And with these tricks plus those you have you will be ready to pack the kids for the next trip. If you miss something important in Alma’s suitcase, tell me!

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