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What awaits you on your trip to Vietnam? In this exotic country of impressive natural beauty and with an incredible heritage where you will live unforgettable experiences. What are the essentials on your trip to Vietnam?

Vietnam is a backpacker’s dream with cheap transportation, tasty street food, cheap accommodation and even the cheapest beer in the world.

To prepare your trip to Vietnam you have to know…

  • You have to request visa approval in advance and you can apply online, visit Byevisa before traveling to Vietnam .
  • The currency is VND and €1 is equal to 28,284 VND.
  • Beer is called bia hoi and the most popular is Saigon.
  • You always have to take metered taxis and the best companies are Vinasun and Mailinh.
  • You have to haggle in the markets and to hire excursions.

The 10 essentials on your trip to Vietnam

Ha Long Bay

A combination of karst limestone peaks in the South China Sea with more than 2,000 islands is one of the country’s greatest claims and has been declared a World Heritage Site since 1994.

How to visit Halong Bay? It is advisable to spend at least one night included in order to live unforgettable moments such as seeing the amazing sunrise in the bay or kayaking between caves and lagoons.

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vietnam1 - Essentials on your trip to Vietnam

Sapa and the Tonkinese Alps

The Hoang Lien Mountains rise into the sky towards the border with China. Among them stands out the Fansipan , the highest peak in the country, here the terraces of rice fields cascade down to river valleys where the authentic locals live in ancient villages. An incredible experience in the essentials on your trip to Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Island

This island is bathed by a light blue sea and bordered by white sand beaches. An idyllic place to disconnect and enjoy its incredible sunsets and its resorts.

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p9244511 1 300x225 - Essential on your trip to Vietnam

p9294773 1 300x225 - Essential on your trip to Vietnam

South Vietnam and Phu Quoc Island

Nha Trang

Here you will find the best beaches in Asia, a strip of golden sand washed by the waters of South China.

Can Tho and the Mekong Delta

Can Tho is the most important city of the Mekong Delta , from here the excursions depart to discover this immense Delta. It begins very early watching the sunrise at the Cai Rang floating market on a boat, to continue sailing through tributaries of the Mekong and end the day with some incredible rice noodles.

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pa015041 1 300x225 - Essential on your trip to Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, the old Saigon

One of the most chaotic and noisy cities that welcomes you with a swarm of mopeds accompanied by infernal whistles. A place to discover more about the devastating war that this country suffered, in the Museum of War Memories, and where you can get lost in its streets to end up in the backpacker area of ​​Pham Ngu Lao .

From Ho Chi Minh you can visit the Cu Chi tunnels or the Great Cao Dai Temple of Tay Ninh.

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dscf4527 1 300x225 - Essentials on your trip to Vietnam

South Vietnam and Phu Quoc Island

Hanoi Old Quarter

Get lost in the commercial labyrinth of this frenetic neighborhood, among the culinary aromas of the city’s emblematic dishes, such as pho bo, bun cha and banh cuon. When night falls is the best time to enjoy a cold bia hoi.


The easiest Vietnamese city to love, on the banks of the Perfume River and without the unbridled chaos of the rest of the country’s big cities. A majestic citadel, elegant temples, imposing walled defenses… To which are added the pagodas and royal tombs that are located on the outskirts in a beautiful natural environment.

hoi an

The most cosmopolitan and refined city in Vietnam , where the traveler can immerse himself in history among the alleys of the old town, visit temples and pagodas. After sightseeing, it is ideal to end up relaxing on An Bang beach or strolling along the riverbank.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

The jungle-topped limestone hills, tropical forests and traditional villages within this National Park. But it is its impressive caves created by a river and with the largest grotto in the world, the Phong Nha caves , which make this National Park a must-see.

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