Cruising with kids: What activities to do with them?

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Go on a cruise with your children, the activities to do; Cinema, ice rink, youth programs, water activities, shows… Cruise lines offer a multitude of entertainment for young children and teenagers alike. What are the activities for children on cruise ships? The Travel Babies answers all your questions by helping you discover the various activities planned throughout your stay. Going on a cruise with children will allow you to discover new activities to make this cruise a trip full of fun! Many companies offer different services and activities for children to make your cruise an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Children on a cruise: information to know before leaving

  • The minimum age of babies accepted on a cruise is from 6 months (or 12 months for certain destinations) except for the Pullmantur and MSC Cruises cruise lines for which there is no age restriction.
  • Before departure, don’t hesitate to ask your cruise agent for high chairs, cots or bottle warmers.
  • When you go on a cruise with children, you board first.
  • Do not forget to bring the passport as well as the identity card of the child.
  • Many companies have adapted their ships for children and teenagers with activities specially designed for them. These activities may vary from one ship to another and maybe more varied during school holidays, so it is essential to check with your station agent before booking your next vacation.

What activities for children under 12 on a cruise?

What activities for children under 12 on a cruise

Activities for young children on a cruise ship

Some companies offer activities, especially for children under 12 years old. For example, it is possible to find video game rooms. These rooms are usually supervised by the ship’s personnel. Take the case of Princess Cruises which offers video game tournaments, air hockey or table football competitions.

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Activities that are also very popular with children are water activities. Thus, you will be able to find on most ships swimming pools with slides, but also basins. For example, the Symphony of the Seas ship from the Royal Caribbean cruise is equipped with 4 swimming pools, 10 whirlpools and also 3 water slides. Approved lifeguards are present around the pools.

The ships also offer shows but also a cinema where you can find different screenings suitable for children. You can consult the whole program at the information desk or in your logbook.

Several companies such as Holland America or even MSC Cruises offer, in some cases, daycare or a babysitting service supervised by early childhood professionals. It is possible to leave your children safely and go about your entertainment on the ship or excursions. Be careful, the activities offered but also the mode of care may vary according to the policy of the ships.

For example, Norwegian Cruise Line offers youth programs by age group. The “Guppies” program (for children between 6 months and under 3 years old) and the “Splash Academy” program (for children from 3 to 12 years old) watch over the children during the navigation of the boat. Several games around the senses will be put forward such as artistic workshops, circus shows but also collective activities.

Don’t hesitate to contact your company to find out about the formalities related to youth programs.

What activities for teenagers on a cruise?

What activities for teenagers on a cruise

Even if the activities mentioned above are accessible to teenagers, other more interactive activities are dedicated to them. Let’s take the example of game rooms, dance competitions and also football, basketball or table football tournaments can be organized.

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Some companies place teenagers at the centre of their concerns and do not hesitate to offer ever more exceptional activities such as surfing, rock climbing and also ice skating. These attractions are not available on all cruise ships (never on riverboats), so it is essential to inquire with your company.

Cruises with children take on another dimension with Royal Caribbean International, which offers on most of its cruise ships a climbing wall, a surf simulator, a Formula 1 simulator, collective sports fields, a mini-golf but also an ice rink and a cinema screen on the pool deck. Everything is in place so that your teenager has a stay as unforgettable as yours while doing physical activities and meeting young people of his age.

The Skyride on the ships of the Carnival company: an original activity to test Because most children love thrills but also love to discover new and ever more innovative activities, the cruise company Carnival you to test the SkyRide. The principle is simple: you have suspended two ways in a pedal-powered “go-mobile” and you pedal around the boat in the open air. You will be able to go around the ship, pass over the bridge and also pedal in the air and the sea. This activity is included in the price of your cruise.

activity with the children

For thrill-seekers, the Costa Cruises ship Serena invites you to become a pilot for a few minutes. At more than 350 km/h, the Formula 1 simulator will thrill you.

Do you like your child to have some freedom? MSC Cruises has created a Teen Card for children aged 7 to 17. The goal is to be able to let your child spend a previously fixed amount within the boat as he wishes.

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How does it work? It is a prepaid debit card with two possible options. You can deposit $30 (with a $5 gift bonus offered by the company) or $50 (with a $10 bonus). To obtain this card, a flyer will be given to you onboarding with a registration form to complete, this will describe all the services included.

Even if some activities are free and open to the public, you should know that activities can sometimes incur an additional cost, find out about the rates according to the activities offered by your travel agent. In addition, do not hesitate to inquire about the opening hours but also the places available.

Doing an activity with the children: enjoy a good time with the family during your cruise Companies are increasingly concerned with family cruises and do not hesitate to develop ever more attractive, creative and interactive activities for children. During your cruise, you will find games for young children, teenagers and adults. Indeed, most entertainment is designed so that the whole family can take part in it in a friendly atmosphere. Ending a day of excursion with a family activity will allow you to relax in the best way.

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