Choosing A Lightweight Stroller: 5 Tips To Keep In Mind

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You are already thinking about how to choose a light stroller after using your baby’s first stroller, the step from the threesome to the light chair is a big step and you have to choose it well.

What are the best tips when choosing a lightweight stroller?

  • The most important thing is the weight because a chair can be very foldable and manageable but if it weighs 10 kilos it is a dead person. When carrying it in the hand or inside a bag we will suffer the consequences. Just like carrying our baby because the weight of the chair is added to the weight of the baby and it can be uncomfortable to carry it.
  • But it is also very important that the materials with which it is made are good and durable. Because it is useless for me to have a light chair for my baby if it is going to last me 1 year. The lower the price, the less durable they are. But also the less they occupy we must bear in mind that the smaller wheels will be and less manageable they are in complicated terrain.
  • For us that the chair is super foldable and occupies very little to be folded is super important. Since our trunk thanks us and in plane trips to be able to raise the chair in the hold and not have to check in is a plus for our comfort traveling with children. After many trips by plane with an umbrella chair and many others with a super folding chair we are undoubtedly left with the chair that we can get on the plane.
  • That it is easy when washing the chair and that the color of the chair is dark is also a great advice. Because it can be washable but then it does not fit in the washing machine and you have to wash it by hand, also if the color does not help it will always seem that it is dirty. How difficult it is to keep a baby seat clean! If it is not because they step on it, it is because they eat in it and stain it.
  • Many of the super light strollers recommend them until the child weighs 15kg. It is interesting that the chair is recommended up to 17kg or even up to 20kg, because you can use it much longer. Sometimes also children of 4 or 5 years old want to let go and more if they are traveling.
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These 5 tips are very important when choosing thebest light strollerbut the price is also an important point to choose it. That the price adapts to our pocket is important, but we must know that the cheaper the worse the quality will be and will last less. After our experience as parents of two babies we have to say that sometimes you do not have to skimp on price because cheap can be expensive . If you have to buy several chairs because they are breaking in the end it is more expensive than buying the best on the market.

Why do many parents spend between 500 and 1000 dollars on our baby’s first car? We spend a lot on a car that actually from 6 months we begin to replace it with a light chair and we intend to spend only .$ 100 on the chair .

Our experience with lightweight strollers

When we moved to the light stroller after the trio or duo (because there are brands that only have two pieces) we started with Maclaren that we inherited from the cousins of the little girl with almost 10 years and it worked great. But we made the mistake of wanting a newer chair and bought another umbrella chair the easy walker Mini Buggy. We spent .$ 200 on a chair that offered us the same as our old Maclaren, the same umbrella-type folding system that ends up being a junk in the car and when we traveled by plane it ended up checked in the hold. But we also made the mistake of buying it in light color and when the wheels fold they touch the hood and get dirty inside, so you have to disassemble the hood every time it folds . A big failure! It is really saved because it weighs about 6 kilos.


The choice of this stroller was because 4 years ago there were not so many light chairs and most were umbrella type .

But we discovered the Pockit GBlight stroller and similar during a trip to Japan in 2016, when in New York they were not yet commercialized, we were left with the desire to buy it but we had just bought the stroller.

Why did we like this super lightweight chair so much? Because it is so foldable that you can even upload it as hand luggage in the cabin of the plane. No airline has ever given us a problem to get it on the plane and the best thing about taking it with you is that as soon as you land you can already use the chair without having to reach the treadmill of the suitcases. It folds easily in seconds but you need both hands (there are other brands that with one hand you can fold it and in a single step). The pockithas the smallest fold in the world. It only weighs 4.3 kg, folded its size is 30 x 18 x 35 cm.Here we tell you more about the GB Pockit.

In the end we couldn’t resist and in 2017 we bought B’s pockit lightweight chair. Another .$ 200 spent on a new stroller that has been great for all our trips but the point of durability has not met it .

When our pockit chair was not even a year old our hood and footrest broke, the warranty provided us with a new one and we returned the old one (a good point in favor of Amazon who was the distributor of our chair).

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It was great to have a new one since it was practically released by our second child. He started using it practically with 6 months and in summer he used it daily, but we realized that he was not really as comfortable as with other somewhat more robust chairs. And the day came when our footrest broke again, a year after premiering it.

We decided to use theeasywalkermini we had in the storage room again for a daily basis. The little one was much more comfortable, but the footrest and brake broke again.

Now what? Shall we buy a new lightweight chair?

We were considering the idea. Choose a lightweight chair with good folding and economical between .$ 50 and .$ 100. But we read reviews and we did not see them very reliable, and less to use them daily, well for trips but not for day to day. In the end we would be in the same, another broken chair and money thrown away.

In conclusion, you can really only trust the big brands like Bugaboo, and MaclarenorYoyo. But the version of light and super folding chairs of these brands go up to 400 or even 500 dollars.

So we are trying to endure using the umbrella type stroller for daily and to travel the GB pockit even though they have a broken footrest.

Because at the moment no low cost stroller convinces us and we do not want to spend more since our baby will walk right away and we do not expect to have more. But what is clear to me is that if from the beginning we had bought a light chair of equal quality, it would have been much more durable and would have endured the day-to-day trot of two babies.

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