Best places to travel with a baby: Our best selection in 2022

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A baby is born: no more exotic destinations, no more intensive adventure? A thousand times no! The fear of having a baby is often unjustified. There are many destinations in the world where you can safely travel with your newborn. It’s even a great way to start gently, from birth to second birthday.

Where to go far? The ideal destinations for babies.

As a general rule, avoid health risky destinations, especially those where malaria exists. A stay of 10 days is ideal.

Best 8 places to travel with a baby

1. Menorca

Menorca has the reputation of being the Balearic family island. Accessible in 2 hours flight from Paris, it enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is really perfect for a baby, especially in mid-season, in the months of June and September. We strongly advise you to rent a villa or a seaside apartment as well as a car to radiate all around your accommodation. This will save your baby the fatigue of public transport and roaming, and allow him to get used to a new routine.

2. Sicily 

family island par excellence, Sicily is a perfect destination for a first family trip. No jet lag, a pleasant climate, no health or hygiene problems… Everything for an easy stay ! In addition to that, the island is perfect for combining moments of relaxation on the beach with the discovery of fascinating historical sites. And if big hikes are naturally to be avoided, be aware that many tourist sites are easily accessible to strollers.

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3. Sri Lanka 

With only a 3h30 time difference with Spain, Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for traveling with a baby. On site, we advise you to opt for a comfortable stay, with a car with driver/guide and accommodation suitable for families. The superb landscapes combining tea plantations, sea and thick forests inhabited by elephants will not leave anyone indifferent. The two little extras of the destination: no need for a visa (just a STATE to obtain online), and cheap flights from the USA.

4. New York

New York is one of the few destinations in the world to appeal to all generations, and even the little ones. The atmosphere, the parks, the well-developed infrastructures… The only criticism that could be made of the Big Apple is its jet lag, which risks throwing your little one out of phase at first. But when you know that a London-New York flight lasts only 8 hours on average and is non-stop, the choice is quickly made! On site, many activities are suitable for young children : visiting the Bronx Zoo, Central Park, discovering the Statue of Liberty by boat…

5. Mauritius

The pearl of the Mascarenes, as it is nicknamed, makes one of family travel destinations the easiestThere are many reasons for this: the climate is very pleasant, both warm and temperate, the formalities are minimal (no visa), and there are direct flights from the US, which allows your little one to avoid fatigue associated with stopovers.

On site, it is really very easy to find a hotel suitable for a stay with a baby. Some are even equipped with a nursery where your toddler can have fun with other children of his age while you enjoy the island.


6. Marrakech

Three precautions: opt for a road or a club offering all the comfort . Avoid periods of extreme heat and go in spring or autumn instead. Leave for a week so as not to disturb your child’s rhythm too much. No need for specific vaccines in addition to the mandatory vaccines; no need to bring your little pots and nappies, you will find everything in the big local hypermarkets.

When you start looking for a hotel or vacation rental for your stay, choose a location that offers a kids’ club or specific assistance for young parents. While your baby is being pampered by a specialized team, you can enjoy your days together.

Some addresses: Club Lookéa, Club Marmara, Palais des Roses (from 2 years old), the luxury hotel Kenzi Semiramis.

7. Guadeloupe

Try the West Indies adventure with your baby ! Many clubs in Guadeloupe reserve a welcome specially adapted to young parents (club Med La Caravelle, Hotel Fram Arawak, etc.). What to do with your child? Try to find cool corners (waterfalls, Carbet Falls), accessible without too much walking. As for the beaches, try the Club Med Sainte-Anne beach, which is very well equipped for safe paddling.

Precautions before leaving: bring a mosquito net for your child, a cane stroller for walks (no problem in Guadeloupe to use it everywhere). If you use growing-up milk, take it with you.

8. Reunion

The great advantages of this destination: a very small time difference for such a distant destination; a pleasant climate, never too hot. On site, you can find everything to take care of a child. Opt for a house rental, you can do almost everything with a baby carrier on the island. No need to leave your child in a nursery, except for the excursions to the volcanoes, which are a bit difficult with a baby on your back.

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Have you heard of chikungunya? Know that the epidemic has completely disappeared. Provide all the same mosquito nets for the nights.

And the plane?

Flying can be another source of stress for parents traveling with a toddler. However, with a little organization and without dramatizing, the experience goes very well. Check out our comprehensive guide on the subject for more information.

Airlines generally reserve specific treatment for families with babies. Prefer a night flight if you are traveling far, he will sleep and will be less tired from the start when he arrives in an exotic land.

A baby generally adapts quite easily to jet lag, at least up to 6 months. It will be more difficult for him to adapt if you go to the East, so prefer destinations in the West of America. On site, start gently: do not force him to respect normal meal and sleep times, be a little flexible at least the first 3-4 days.

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