Beach trip with baby: 10 tips for taking baby to the beach

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With the arrival of summer, the desire for swimming in the sea becomes more recurrent. But is it possible to take the baby to the beach? Yes, provided you follow a few precautions. Zoom in on what you need to know before going to the seaside with the baby to have a good time.

1. Prepare a bag with the perfect beach baby

outfit Can’t resist the urge to introduce your little one to the beach? Before leaving, be sure to prepare a bag with all the essentials to have a good time. Take something to install the baby so that he plays comfortably on a large towel. It will also be useful for diaper changes. There are also anti-UV tents that protect babies from the sun’s rays. Also bring plenty of water and snacks.

2. Protect baby’s eyes

When you take the baby to the beach, make sure he wears sunglasses. They are essential to protect their little eyes from UV rays. The pair you have to put on him should not be purely fanciful, at the risk of damaging his eyes. To find out if your baby’s glasses filter UV rays effectively, you can first refer to the CE mark. A good pair of glasses must be CE marked. Prefer glasses with a type 3 or 4 protection index.

3. Beware of heatstroke

Babies do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature. To prevent your child from getting heat stroke at the beach, you must give him water to drink regularly, even if he doesn’t ask you to. You can also apply water to her hair, forehead and neck. Finally, always make sure that the baby is in the shade, in a space where there is air.

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4. Never leave your baby naked Leaving

Your baby naked on the sand is not recommended because it can cause skin irritation and even infections. Always set him up on a large towel so he can have space to play. If he accidentally gets sand in his eyes, your first instinct is to stop him from rubbing his eyes. Then rinse with saline to remove the grains.

5. No swimming before 4 months

Whether for swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool, babies must have received the recommended vaccine injections at the age of 4 months. In particular, he must have had the second injection of DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-polio). Without being vaccinated, your baby is more vulnerable to infections of all kinds. Moreover, he may not really enjoy it and neither will you.

6. Apply special infant sunscreen

Like you, your baby must have skin that is well protected against the sun. Besides making him wear clothes, you should apply sunscreen. It must be chosen with a special baby mention. Effective baby sunscreens have a sun protection factor (SPF) between 30 and 50+. The higher the SPF, the more your baby’s skin is protected from the sun’s rays.

7. Avoid going to the beach during the hottest hours

If you are wondering when to take your baby to the beach and if there are preferred times, know that it is best to go after 4 p.m. Between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m., these are the hottest hours of the day. Therefore, the sun’s rays are very dangerous for the baby’s skin. You also have the option of going to the beach with your baby before 11 a.m. Remember to cover it well if the temperatures are cooler.

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8. Always accompany baby in his discovery of the sea

Baby shows that he appreciates splashing around in sea water? Do not hesitate to go with him in the water and to get into it little by little. Just like you, wet his body gradually, never neglecting the neck. When he grows up, you can show him how to do it so he has the right reflexes when he gets older.

9. Never take your eyes off baby

Even when crawling, the baby can go very far in no time. If you let him have fun alone or with his brothers and/or sisters, make sure that there is always an adult to supervise him. And if he shows you the urge to go in the water, you must make sure that he is always accompanied by an adult.

10. Compulsory bath after the beach

When you get back from the beach, take the time to give your child a bath. You make sure to rid it of all grains of sand. You thus prolong the pleasant moment that you have just spent at the beach with your child.

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