Baby travel bag: How to choose the perfect one!

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Traveling with a young child is a whole logistical organization! Follow thetravelbabies’s advice to choose the right baby travel bag, between dimensions, storage options and carrying systems.

What size for a baby travel bag?

Little baby, big travel bag!

First of all, start from the following principle: the younger your child, the more things you need to carry and the bigger the travel bag should be. Do not hesitate to draw up a “checklist” to know what to put in baby’s luggage. Whether you are leaving for the weekend or for several days, you will necessarily need: clothes, bibs, bottles, milk pods, a few diapers, care products, toys, comforters, etc. If you don’t know which size to choose for the baby’s travel bag, opt for an expandable model that will follow you everywhere and for a long time. The thetravelbabies travel changing bag can thus go from a capacity of 34 to 50 liters thanks to a simple zip to adapt to all situations.

Clever storage for baby’s belongings

Now that you know what to take with you when you travel with your baby, it’s time to organize your travel bag. You need to keep some essential items close at hand to use them quickly. Travel bags with different compartments are perfect for this use: a large main compartment for bulky items and several pockets to accommodate small accessories such as a pacifier. Even more practical, the integrated toilet bag and the pocket dedicated to dirty linen, of the thetravelbabies travel bag. Without forgetting its removable and machine-washable changing mat, to change babies at any time on the go.

Which system to carry the baby travel bag?

Shoulder strap, handles or both?

Until your little one is big enough to carry small things himself, think about your comfort and your shoulders. Whether you plan to travel by train, plane or even by car, the choice of bag carrying system is very important. The shoulder strap allows you to keep your hands free, and the handles to carry the baby bag by hand when it is less loaded. Of course, the must remain the removable shoulder strap to change configuration quickly and use the handles without getting tangled. It’s even better if it’s adjustable and reinforced to adapt to your morphology, like on thetravelbabies travel bags.

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The backpack to keep your hands free

The advantage of the traditional backpack is its compact size. But it quickly turns out to be insufficient when it comes to traveling with a toddler. Some mid-sized travel bags have straps to convert to backpack configuration quickly and give you greater freedom of movement. If you have to move around while carrying your things and your baby’s things, this is a great option.

And also: the stroller hook for walks

This is an accessory not to be forgotten before leaving with the baby if you use a stroller during your stay. Some travel changing bags already have a stroller hook, but it is also possible to buy it separately and add it. It is a simple adjustable strap to attach to the fasteners of the travel or diaper bag, and to adapt to the stroller. Ride youth and have a good trip!

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