A Portable High Chair For Your Travels, Which One To Choose?

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Traveling is one of the experiences to share with our children that we enjoy the most. No matter the age, big or small, we always have to consider the particular needs of each one, especially if it is still a baby.

There are many items that are required for your peace of mind, from personal and hygiene items or a stroller for your transfer, to a high chair that makes your trip much more comfortable. A portable high chair is an essential component for the development of the baby, it is a necessary object at mealtime, which takes up little space and we can transport anywhere.

With a safe and versatile design

The moment when our baby learns to sit without help comes from 6 months of age, when they are able to keep their back upright, which represents a great step in their evolutionary process. It is the time when you need a special chair to eat and sit at the table with the whole family and represents for them a great advance.

When we go on vacation, go to restaurants or visit a relative, a portable high chair can not miss, intronabebe.euyou find a shopping guide with the best comparison, it is an essential item that must be comfortable to transport.

Its design must adapt to the needs of our baby, with versatile models that make this accessory more functional, but above all that complies with strict safety measures that provide stability when sitting, in which the weight of your body is distributed evenly in the chair.

Features of the ideal portable high chair

Buying the perfect seat for our baby is a task that involves several aspects, especially if it is a travel one, since it must comply with certain conditions of transfer and safety, in which the latter is the most important. The main features that a portable high chair should have are:

• With a safety harness adjustable from 3 to 5 points, which will prevent the baby from falling out of the chair.

• Have two fixing belts, which prevents slippage in the base chair caused by the movements of our little one.

• The high chair cannot be heavy, as it will make it difficult to move, so it has to be as light as possible.

• Ergonomics is an indispensable factor, which provides an adequate design to sit and take our child out without difficulty.

• If the baby still cannot stand upright, a high chair model with back support is necessary, this will make him feel more comfortable and help maintain his balance.

Considerations for choosing the best one

There are many models of travel high chairs that exist in the market according to the main characteristics. However, choosing the most appropriate will depend on taste, needs and our lifestyle.

It is an accessory that helps the stimulation of the baby at mealtime, the relationship we have with him and the closeness to create the interaction, without noticing a change in their daily routines. The fundamental thing is that the design occupies as little space as possible. In this way, it can be taken to all places without being an inconvenience.

Those made of a breathable and easy-to-clean material should be chosen, so that food and liquid spills can be solved quickly.

Stability is another essential aspect since it must withstand the spontaneous movements of our child and provide firmness. Some chairs incorporate a tray that is removable and with rounded edges to prevent harm to the baby.

Finally, considering the brand is essential, since there are some with quality references and that raise expectations. 

Models of the best portable high chairs

The most recommended chairs intronabebe.eufor their high functionality are:

•Munchkin Travel booster seat: ideal between 12 and 36 months, it is a portable high chair with a stable and strong frame. It has a space for diapers and bottles, made of a durable material, easy to clean and non-slip.

•Asalvo 14009: With a colorful “children of the world” design, it has a height of 25 cm, safety harness and is made of a high density fabric. It is compact, very resistant and light when transporting.

•Star Ibaby: is a 2-in-1 chair, has storage to store, harness system, with carrying strap and a durable and non-slip mat.

•StillCool: it is versatile, it is a travel bag that transforms into a chair for children 12 months and older. It fits and made with nylon fiber that is waterproof.

• Kiduku booster seat: it is a booster seat and that can be folded, can be used in children from 1 to 3 years and up to 15 kg. It is ideal for carrying as a backpack and adapts to many types of chairs. It has a triple belt of secure restraint and a quick stowing system.

•Portable high chair for babies: with a folding travel seat that is used as a chair or booster, easy to clean and adjustable that takes up little space. It has pockets to store bottles and other objects.

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